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Hello? [Open Frequency]

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"Hello, my name is Shadow. Or rather, that's what I prefer being called anyway. 

I've been around here for many months, searching for something I cannot put a name on. 

I have found friends here in the-...He chuckles lightly and continue...-Apocalypse,

a lot of whom I couldn't even guess are alive or dead anymore, it's such a hostile place these days."

He lets the button go and listens to his surroundings, casually thinking on his next sentence before he presses down once more.

"I am curious if there are any lone survivors out there, with no group attached to them. 

Having a group seems like an idea that can get you into trouble easier than if you wouldn't be.

Yet, perhaps it's just a foolish idea I've come up with as of late. 

I don't mind taking someone under my wing, I'll do my best to keep you safe if your choices are wise and your decisions are well thought out."

Letting go of the button that last time he goes through what he had just said, pondering on if his words had sounded strange. However he didn't dwindle too much, instead lying himself down and waiting.

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"Shadow, huh? How melodramatic of you."


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As he heard a voice come on, a sense of hope was felt, however it came crashing down

as he sighed audibly when the voice finished. He muttered lowly to himself about knowing better, 

he pressed the PTT-Button with a grunt.

"Well, a response I should've expected. Not one I was after however.

it seems my call for other survivors falls on deaf ears, I believe it's time for me to move on

and begin my search on foot instead."

Shadow falls silent for a brief moment, squinting his eyes to look at something in the distance before continuing his speech.

"I'll keep this frequency open if there is anyone that hears me, I'll be around.

Stay safe and if you find information regarding anything, I'd be glad if you could share it."

The voice dies out and he shakes his head as he puts his radio away, packing his stuff slowly as he looks down the mountain

and says to himself. "These mountains offer no food anyway" With that, he took off down the slopes of the rock.

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"If you're looking for people who need protection, you'll find them 6 feet under. Nobody makes it a year in hell without some means of hanging on"

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