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The truth about Alyssa Morgan[OPEN FREQUENCY]

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I once was like you.

I once believed what was shown in front of me.

How could it be wrong?

How could they lie?

I am here to tell the truth. To tell THAT which has been hidden from us in plain sight.

My name is Finnr, some may know me as Jason and very few know me as 7.

I once ran beside the man called Chief. Whom I respected, whos people I looked upon as family...and who I would fight and die for til this very day.

One day I stumbled upon secrets that should've remained hidden. In my attempt to learn more I created something that those who know call "The Network". It was meant for intelligence gathering for good rather than bad.

The secret I stumbled upon was the fact that Alyssa Morgan is not who she claimes to be. Ever since then I've left my family, my friends and comrades to reveal the truth. and today is that day!

That being said......

I have one question for every single one of you!



Oh? Did I offend you now? Is that it? FINE. Be offended, but at least listen to me.

Alyssa Morgan is not neutral.

We have all done bad things, but none of us claimed to be neutral...or a saint.

The Alcyone however, they did. Those of The Alcyone will not harm someone, will not be involved in something and show true neutrality.

Is that not what they told us?

Is that not how they acted? Reapers and Vigil sat together in that shit hole. Yes YES THEY DID. Because we all respected that bitch.

Now let me shatter it...all of it. Into millions of pieces that will never be fixed.

Alyssa Morgan has given up her neutrality. She's meant to council, to help, not to judge. THAT'S WHAT THEY TELL US!

Ivan Lynch went out to talk to her.

A man in trouble. A man in need. Confused and consumed by pain and sadness.

Did Shrink Alyssa Morgan help him? No.

She called the brotherhood. They tortured, shot him...and left him for dead.

She called upon the Brotherhood. They rob people. They torture and THEY INFECT PEOPLE WITH THE DISEASE TO KEEP THE INFECTION ALIVE!

These people is who Alyssa Morgan Alies with.

And by doing so she threw away her believability. She threw away her neutrality.

But wait there's more.

Alyssa Morgan has a relationship with Mickey the vampire. Why is this so important?

Let me tell you:

Those who remember Thomas, Amy and Dora will realise faster than others, that Alyssa Morgan claimed to be protecting these children. Mickey now....he publicly, over the radio, tortured both Thomas and Amy.

Ivan wanted to end Mickey. It was Crows business after all. He told me and I respected that. But when the day finally came to end the rabbies infected sociopath that tortured children, Alyssa stopped Ivan.

She claimed to be able to FIX Mickey, Ivan held back as much as he could and said there was no fixing Mickey.

Now look at the repercussions.

Alyssa Morgan has neglected Dora into a souless shell. No one knows where she is. Darion Dailey killed Amy because of Mickey. And Thomas? God knows where the kid is.

If all that wasn't enough, Alyssa Morgan started drinking blood and began marking her subjects. I have eyewitness that saw Luciano being marked with an A on his hand, and how Alyssa continued to press her wound and his wound to mix and lick off the combined blood!

Alyssa Morgan may have been truthful in the past but now.... NOW she is a wolf in a sheeps costume.

Those who oppose her? She spreads lies about.

Those who do not follow her or blindly listen to her? She spreads lies about.

When she is on the hunt she robs people for their blood.

Do you really want this person to still look like a holy saint?

Sources have told me that not all of The Alcyone know about this....

But another has told me that Reiner himself spread information behind everyones back to the Reapers during the era of the Reaper war.

How much have they told? How many snakes are there? Who can we really trust?

Who knows.

Alyssa Morgan will give me a response like she has always done. She will try to clear her name. With carefully thought out lies.

I'll let all of you decide who you will believe.


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[High up in mountains Toby switches channels on the radio to get a clearer message that bled through moments before. He presses down the button and responds. ]

Hey man I met this lady not more than two days ago. She was with a man who called himself "Mickey". My acquaintance and I happened to walk into Dolina when they had a man in a cell. The guy kept rambling on about how this lady was going to change the world like she was some messiah and refused our offers of freeing him from his cell. He even went so far as to run back to his cell after we opened the door for him. I don't what the fuck is going on in that town, but something isn't right. Anyways hope this information helps.

[He releases the button and begins to cut some vegetables for a stew.]

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*surprised by the allegations he's heard, Bill intently listens to the broadcast after it finishes & thinks to himself silently*

"opinions and rumors.. or facts and evidence"

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*Destiny hears the man's voice and quickly picks up the radio, almost expecting this sort of message to be broadcast*

*She listens carefully, and a small grin slowly curves up into her face as she hears every single word*

*Waiting patiently until he finished, Destiny places her thumb over the button, applying pressure to it and speaking*

*Her voice has a slow, smooth southern accent and her words have confidence behind them. A smile can be heard in her voice*

"This... is only the beginning."

*She laughs before tossing her radio into a nearby lake. You hear the sound of an object entering water, a few bubbles, and a quick cut of sound*

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Thaddeus listens to the long, but powerful message that came through his radio.  He rubbed his temple with his fingers and shook his head.  This wasn't the first time today he heard of Alyssa Morgan and it was starting piss him off.  He yawned and pulled the radio free from his pouch on his tac vest.

"Mr. Finnr I will let you know this, you're not the first to bring up Alyssa Morgan today.  I have heard some very interesting things today, some things that have confirmed what I have thought for a long fucking time.  Alyssa Morgan and her 'school' have lived behind walls of neutrality for far to long.  No one is neutral it is impossible and goes against anything human.  

It shouldn't be of any surprise to anyone that someone who talks to everyone under the mask of neutrality would be holding a lot of intel that some might not want out.  People are just fucking foolish and will trust whatever label someone gives themselves.  I have long felt that her day would come to an end and the whole world seems to be turning on her at this moment.

Now from what I have learned she has angered a lot of powerful people and you shouldn't fret her days are numbered.  Your words have reached the ears of those who are more open to them and soon many people shall awake to this truth.  Alyssa Morgan is a venomous snake and everyone benefits from her death.  Those whose secrets she holds have the most to gain from this.  I think the whole world is crashing down.  I especially feel motivated due to my deep regret of ever helping Mickey and well I wanna fucking kill that man.  No I will kill that man."

Thaddeus lowered the radio and shook his head in anger, "Fucking hell." He drops the radio to the floor and punches the wall his fist going trough the drywall.  He knew that his issue with Tucker would probably have to wait, he had other things to do.  He pulled his fist out of the wall and snatched up his radio and wanders out to some of the boys.  "Hey guys I got some funny shit to tell you while we load some ammo clips." He smiled, but the feeling of regret lingered within his heart.

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*Merik listens to all of this information from Finnr and also from the other man, Irish maybe? either way he is stunned by this information but takes it all down on a piece of paper*

Well fuck me

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[spoiler=Morse Code Text]I trust you know Morse Ms Morgan. Your time has come. You can not pretend to be neutral for very long. Do I blame you for not being neutral? No. What I do blame you for is getting involved where you don't belong, spinning lies, and convincing those of weaker minds that you are some hero for the masses. I know your type. I also blame you for being the bringer of pain to Mr. Lynch. I also blame you for not understanding when someone is no longer useful, and only will bring harm to your cause. This is your end. Game over.

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Riviaira held her radio, watching the door with a cautious eye forgetting it was broadcasting on the frequency. She looked down to hear about the womanc covering the speaker so it didn't wake Max. Gun in her lap, accidentally pressing on the transmission button.

"Please just let this b-be a dream."

She looked out of the broken window with a broken-like look. The tranmission ended when she placed it in her pocket, making another trip outside to have a breath of "fresh air."

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*Sighs and responds.*

"This bitch, all this time...

The war of Vigil and Reapers, all down to her..."

"Чертов Шлак"


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Fortune sat there and considered whether or not to pick up the radio, a coin in his hand, he smirked.

"well.. the secret is out ain't it Alyssa? whatcha gonna do now that your hands are shown and your pieces are played. I'm intrigued... to say the least"

The transmission cut off as he sat in the corner of the room, a 1911 in his hand and a radio in the other as he listens patiently, waiting for the lady herself to answer the call of accusation.

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*Cade, twisting the knob of his radio so he can reply.*

So, this is it, huh? Lets ignore all the child killers, rapists, cannibals, torturers, war criminals, bandits because this ONE woman is clearly the most deprived, disgusting and downright deserving of such attention, yeah I had my suspicions about her drinking blood but hey, it ain't that fuckin' bad, ano?

She has done great things for the people that currently reside in this country and what does she get in return? Threats of violence, our own people who have never even met Alyssa get cut up and interrogated for simply being a part of "Alcyone" and it sickens me that you people can't simply use our well known frequency and have a fuckin' chat with her because she's always available.

The subject of Mickey, yeah he's done some shit, hurt some kids and honestly I ain't that big of a fan but Alyssa told me and the rest of us she can "fix" him and that she did, he don't harm kids no more and I'm always keeping an eye on him because I got my reservations but I won't act without proof, something you seem to be lacking in most cases.

Alyssa has always been a wolf, never a sheep.

You couldn't even keep your own "network" together.

*Cade, twisting the knob, muting his radio.*

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*Reiner taps his glasses, twice as the clicking of the button can be heard*

The facts of Alyssa have never been hidden Not once.  Alyssa Morgan is not neutral - Alcyone is. Alcyone doesn't keep secret - Alcyone is simply Alcyone.  Though if we are speaking about hiding things - I've heard some juicy legends of you Mr. Finnr. You hop from group to group, stalking, observing, like the coward you are.  You can only speak on the radio as you possess no real power in this world.  And if pussies died, I'm surprised your still alive. Please go back and crawl under a rock.  Why do you care about people's personal lives, I certainly don't care who fucks who. She's always been a wolf.  And me spreading info - you clearly don't understand my work at all. I don't spread information, Knowledge is Power and it would be foolish to give it away to someone like you.  You are undeserving of my knowledge.

And speaking of snakes - how should people trust you : The traitor of Chernarus: you spread lies about the Trust, the Vigil, I've heard all the stories. You called the Chief a Messiah of the waste.  Foolish man.  Your word is meaningless. So continue shouting lies and hatred over the radio - as Alcyone spreads knowledge of the world.  Alcyone and Alyssa have done more for the region then you and your circle jerking diva squad. Take care Finnigan.  

*Static Ends*

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*Lewis takes up his radio and with a deep sigh to begin with, he responds to Finnr*

Finnr, by no means am I taking her side in this, but honestly I think leaving things in the past might be the best idea here. Need I remind you of what YOU did to Scott Daniels that day. I mean, i didn't like the prick but he still was a newer member of the Liberators yet you felt it was justified to do THAT to him.

*He pauses for a moment*

I'm not the kind of person to trust everybody. After what you told me, I was still just going to feel the same way. All it changed was that I wouldn't be as quick to trust her. She has things that she has done wrong, so have you. Fixating on her past is ignorant at best. I think you should worry about other things.

I mean, I never really gave a shit how Alcyone and Alyssa viewed themselves. They claimed to want to rebuild any form of society again and let's be honest, neutrality wasn't a thing we should've expected. Where you make things, other people will set out to destroy them for the sake of it. To actually take it seriously that Alcyone would remain the on the neutral ground was a little silly to believe.

To Alyssa, I really don't care what past you have anymore. If people are going to judge you for your past the likelihood is they're acting like 'saints' themselves. Just bare that in mind.

*He releases his transmit button*

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-Finnr takes another sip of his carefully poured out whisky, listening to all of them trying to lie themselfs out of their own hole. He looks at the files he wrote he carefully goes trough all of them he than decided to respond to Alyssa and Reiner-


-Finnr looks at Reiner's file. He smiles and picks up the radio once more-

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Enzo listens to the people say their bit. People he doesn't know. People he recognizes voices of. Some asshole tapping away at some attempt of Morse code.

"Signore... I can assure you, stay neutral is how I have lived this long."

Enzo starts to feel a bit more comfortable, and some but not all of the shakiness disappears from his voice.

"I'ma no sure if what you say is true or no, but I can assure you, I'ma no just believe what some man I never hear of, some man I never meet say about some one else."

"I'm no say you lie, but..." Enzo's voice trails slightly, then he responds with "Guardatevi dai falsi profeti."

Enzo releases the push to talk button, not bothering to translate what he said for those that do not speak Italian.

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*Static Starts*

Clearly someone has been reading too much V for Vendetta...it may be a novel that we all have read - you do remember how the story ends? This isn't a story - this is my country , stop making excuses for the acts you have commited. You paint yourself as a matryr for knowledge: pathetic.  You that same day ran and ditched Dora & the others when you feared Joffery's men running to free the children. You ran like the coward you are.  You paint yourself in an image, acting yourself as someone of a different cloth then I.  I don't lie or hide who I am, I am Reiner Cernak - Archivist of Alcyone.  You have multiple names: because you need to hide.  Hide as you will - Jason, Finnr, 7, Choose a name and wear it with pride instead of hiding behind the mask of illusions.  My goals align with making this world a utopia: and I don't care who you are. If you stand against the ways of Utopia, I will deal with you accordingly.    This world needs to change.  Believe what you wish - spread the lies : only the foolish will believe the words of someone who speaks without context, without emotion, without devotion.  I judge a man based of my own opinion, my own thoughts. My own archives.  That's what us intellectuals do - we judge based off our own evidence: we judge based off our own experiences: not the stories of someone rambling on the radio.  You have no purpose.  You want to meet with me ? I don't know what meeting will change but I have no reason to decline.  I am at Novy Sobor, sitting in a cabin, reading the Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I have no need to run or hide.  Come visit if you wish.  I look forward to seeing if you can come to face me without a mask, to meet me without arms . You say you are one of knowledge - let's see it.  

*Static Ends as the writing of a pen can be heard before the frequency closes*

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*Unchambers a round & polishes it on his sleeve. Presses button.

"This is better than Eastenders. Why don't you guys & girls kiss & make up?"

*Releases button. Chuckles, replacing the 7.62mm in the chamber.*

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*Roman wakes up looking around, trying to remember where he is this time and with whom when he hears a person raving about Morgan on the radio*

*He haven't thought or heard about her in a long time and when he hears all the things people are saying he is a bit surprised that none had killed her after he stopped protecting her, he pushes the button on the radio*


*Releases the button and lays down yet at another strangers house and another bed*

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*Roman wakes up looking around, trying to remember where he is this time and with whom when he hears a person raving about Morgan on the radio*

*He haven't thought or heard about her in a long time and when he hears all the things people are saying he is a bit surprised that none had killed her after he stopped protecting her, he pushes the button on the radio*


*Releases the button and lays down yet at another strangers house and another bed*

*this voice she hears with a sharp pang in her heart, and a deep sigh. Her voice thick with tears, she presses the button down*

Of all the people speaking today, it is you who has the most reason to despise me. I swear - I never meant to hurt you. I...didn't see our end coming. 

Your judgement I would accept without defense or question. 

Are these people right, Roman, dear? Should I be dead? If I should, there are few hands I'd trust more to take me out than yours. 


*she releases the button*

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-Finnr takes another sip after laughing at Reiner he pushes down the radio button-


-Finnr than takes another sip of his whisky and adresses Alyssa-


-Finnr looks around walks up to the wall and pins another picture against the wall he tought to himself "Its almost time, Almost"-

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*Norman grins widely at his radio as he hears more people getting angry with Alyssa... He picks up his radio and begins to transmit*:

"So... Alyssa Morgan... Looks like I'm not the only one lookin' for ya!

Y'know, exactly... how many people have you pissed off, huh? 

I listen to these broadcasts, and I think to myself: 'I know some of these people...'

Let's see... Thomas? Isn't that that little kid or whatever? Oh yeah, Doc and I had our fun with him. I certainly enjoyed putting a road-flare right up to his arm and hearing him whimper.

Chief? I believe that may have been one of Thomas's friends? Leader of 'The Crust' somethin' or other?

Ivan? Well, he told me not too long ago that I shouldn't pursue you, so if he's not gonna help me, then whatever happens to him happens. I don't give a damn...

Tell me Alyssa, did you don your markings from Bo-Jack? Huh? 

Why don't you tell me how Marshal is these days, huh? How about that? I had a pleasant little discussion with him at the well known Green Mountain just the other day! How important to he is you Alyssa? 

Just imagine if all of a sudden, all these friends of yours just dissapear! Poof!

I told you Alyssa, I told ya, give me a time, date, and place and we can talk this out! Or better yet, your frequency? Huh?! How's about that???"

*Norman stops transmitting... he continues to sit down and lightly rocks back and forth while awaiting a reply...*

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*Bryce Hears The Jumbled mess in the broadcast, Its time he stop sitting around and investigate* *He responds*

"Frankly I do not care for these Alyssa Rumors here and there, this whole scene frankly does not grab my attention.. But something else said has intrigued me. Mickey if your listening, im coming down to have a talk, im done sitting around , its time I find out whats been going on with.. everything.. Ivan. See you soon old friend"

*he releases the button, grabbing his pack in one hand and sliding the radio in his pocket with the other*

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