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Greetings, fellow role playing enthusiasts

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Hey, I'm Pinkerchu and I am super new to Day Z role play, though I am a seasoned role player. I'm going to be playing Amberly Parker, and I can't wait to interact with all of you, even though I am sure most of it will not bode well for my character xD.

I posted my character's introduction into Lore and Stories, so if you are curious, I encourage you to poke your head in.

See you in Chernarus!

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Welcome to the DayZRP Community Pinkerchu I hope you have a fun and great time on DayZRP!

If you have any questions you can take a look on the forums of contact any of the Community Helpers.

Good luck with getting on the whitelist !

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Welcome to the community! Hope to see you around. If you need any help with anything please send me a pm and I'll be happy to help. 

p.s I'm off to read your characters story

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Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! I hope you enjoy my story, and I also hope I get whitelisted. I have friends who got on the whitelist recently who are really enjoying it so far, even with a lot of deaths xD.

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