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So you've been taken hostage - a basic guide

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I was looking through the guides section and noticed that there didn’t seem to be a specific go-to guide or tips for when you or your group get into a situation in which you are initiated on and taken hostage.  Having been at both ends of the gun so to speak, and noticing that it is quite often newer players who simply do not know how to handle the situation they are confronted with, I thought I would put down some thoughts and ideas for people to think about in the event that this happens to them (or rather when it happens to them).

Now I am more than aware that sometimes you will get 10/10 “STFU or I will kill you” RP from a hostage taker and you will need to make a judgement call yourself on whether you think you will probably be killed or whether it is worth trying to get some conversation out of it, but maybe some of these tips can also help to get your captor past that mind-set.

I also acknowledge that the RP in these types of situations will vary greatly from situation to situation, but I have tried to give what I think are some very basic tips that may help newer people.

Please feel free to add your own ideas here for other people.



Know your key binds:

When someone initiates on you they should give you ample time to comply.  Try not to panic when you hit your keys.  F2 is the default key for raising your hands.  I have seen people get shot because they mistakenly hit 2 instead of F2 and pulled out their weapon.

Mass initiations:

These can be confusing at the best of times.  One thing to always remember is that there may be an “inside man” waiting to shoot any non-compliant people.  This may seem like a shitty thing to do but it is well within the rules.  If you are in a compound with other people in it and it is initiated on, remember you take the risk of being shot by the person standing next to you if you don’t comply.  I have been in this situation before and was the only person who surrendered.  I was also the only person who was not with the initiators that walked out of there alive.  This is a judgement call on your part whether you fight, run or surrender, but always have that in the back of your head if you don’t know the others with you very well.

Your aim should be to try and make it out of the situation alive:

Yes there are times when you can basically march to the rules cadence and you are guaranteed to make it out of the situation alive, but why not act like those rules don’t exist.  If you are sitting there telling your captors how you are going to find them and kill them when they let you go, then maybe, just maybe, they aren’t going to want to let you out of the situation alive as you have just made it obvious that your existence  is now a threat to them.

Now this doesn’t mean you should just cry and beg for your life, obviously each person’s character is different and would react to the situation differently, but that doesn’t mean that you should be stupid about what you are saying or doing.  Does the situation make you angry?  Well that’s fine, but maybe internalise that anger or show it in your RP but not to the point of just being stupid.  There is nothing stopping you from using the radio chat forums to express this afterwards (I have seen this done well quite a few times) but it probably isn’t going to end well for you if you are making those same threats while you have a gun to your head.

Have you been searched for a radio?

If you are searched for a radio, don’t try and be "sneaky” by stalling with your answer so you can get a message out while you are being searched, this is unrealistic as anyone searching you is going to be right next to you and would notice something.  Also something I have seen is where someone will say they have no radio but will have a walkie-talkie on them.  Even if you aren’t using it as your IG radio or have no battery in it, let your captors know that you have one and it has no battery so they can check for themselves and you can avoid any potential backlash, even if you do it in OOC chat.

If you are searched for a radio and have it taken off you or turned off, make sure you mute TS or whatever 3rd party program you may have.  “Oops I accidently left my TS mic on open broadcast without realising” is a BS excuse.  If you don’t already have a key bound for mute/unmute mic in TS I suggest you do this next time you use TS as it will make things easier for you.

If you have had your radio taken and use any other program to communicate with someone to let them know what has happened to you and where you are being taken, this is meta-gaming and both you and your friend(s) are likely going to be on the wrong end of a report if they use this information to try and rescue you.

Other times when you cannot access your radio or your radio conversation is limited:

Even if you have not been searched for a radio, if you are restrained or your hands are raised, then you are taken to have no access to your radio and must mute any 3rd party program being used to communicate with other people in game.  NB you cannot try and bypass the rules by claiming to have a permanently broadcasting radio i.e. "I had a rubber band or tape on the transmit button" is not something you can claim to have used in order to keep broadcasting to another person.

Another issue which may arise is when you are given a radio and told to get in contact with someone in front of your captors.  If this happens make sure that whatever you communicate is also said over IG comms if your captors are standing near you or tell you that they want to hear everything.

Your gear is not worth your life:

If you have been captured, let’s face it, chances are you are going to lose some if not most of your gear (depending on the situation).  Is it really worth losing your life over a vest or a specific type of gun?  Sure there may be situations where your character has some kind of sentimental value attached to something (e.g. they are carrying around their lost child’s teddy bear), and in that situation by all means work that into the RP to try and let your captors leave it with you, but for everything else ask yourself this, would I die for this piece of equipment IRL?


Just because you are not in the dominant position in the situation doesn’t mean that you have no control as to which way the conversation will flow:

Giving one word answers to questions can make the RP stale (although admittedly in some circumstances it can fit the situation to show your fear etc.).  Try and lead the conversation somewhere else or give answers in a way that gives the captors some cues to possibly pick up on, for example maybe slip in a remark about the last time you were robbed or how this reminds you of something, hopefully the captor will pick up on it and ask you more questions.

Another suggestion I have would be to try and negotiate with your captors.  Show them that you are worth more to them alive, maybe by offering up some information that they might find valuable (if it’s a lie make it convincing, a good lie can get you far) or perhaps you have some skill that may be useful to them, try and think outside the box.  As an example (although I wasn’t a hostage or hostage taker in this situation), some people I was travelling with took a man hostage as he had unwittingly agitated the group. Just prior to this he had been talking about how he was a stand-up comedian.  I intervened and made the suggestion that if both the captors and hostage were willing, that the captors could let him go with all his equipment and the hostage would in turn owe their group a quick stand-up show at some time in the future, to which the parties agreed.  Although in this scenario the suggestion had not come from the hostage, there is nothing stopping a hostage from doing the same.


Try to gain empathy from your captives:

There are times that I have managed to get a story out which has impressed my captors or gotten them to feel sorry for me to the point that I walked away from robberies with almost all my gear including my weapons.  Obviously each captor is going to be different and there will be some that no matter what you say, it is going to suck to be you.  Try and pay attention to what is being said even between the hostage takers, can you learn anything that might help you from the way they are acting?  E.g. is there one that seems more sympathetic?  Is there one that seems to be in charge that is barking out all the orders?  These might be the ones to focus your conversation towards.


Being a shithead to your captors will likely make what happens to you worse:

Title says it all.  Now I don’t mean don’t poke fun at the captors or try and agitate them a little but this really is a “know your audience” kind of thing so take some time to get a feel for your captors before doing this.  Some will take it on the chin and roll with a joke at their expense while others will react violently.  This doesn’t mean be a troll!


Having your restraints removed doesn’t give you superhuman powers:

If you get cut loose/un-cuffed don’t do anything stupid.  Sure, if it is one person and they didn’t search you and find that sawn-off shotgun in your backpack then by all means try and take them out if you think you have a realistic chance of survival, but if you have a shovel and decide to charge one of the 10 well armed people surrounding you, two things are likely to happen, the first being your death and the second being the NVFL report that will follow.


React when being tortured or hurt:

If you aren’t too comfortable with doing this over VOIP then try and use chat to express what your character is doing or saying, e.g. “*grits teeth in anticipation of the knife” “*lets out a loud yell”, "*screams in pain" etc etc.  Try not to just sit there silently as you get hit/cut/stabbed/shot etc.   At least make some attempt to RP out that pain.


Oh, but you’re “crazy”, well that changes everything!

Just kidding, same still applies.  Work it into your RP but you still need to make sure you don’t fall into the NVFL/bad RP category.


Know when you can and should not go OOC in chat:

Never go OOC in VOIP!

There are times you may need to go OOC in text but you should not do this unless you really have to in order to convey something important to your captors.  Some examples of what is generally accepted is:

  • //Stop the OOC
  • //I have been having connection problems, can we just RP that I am handcuffed/restrained so I don't die if I get disconnected
  • //I can't hear what you are saying

There will be other times when you might feel the need to go OOC but it will be completely unneeded and may end up with you being on the wrong end of an "unnecessary OOC" report against you.  This generally comes out when the hostage is either 'salty', doesn't know the rules properly or thinks there are rulebreaks happening and want to convey that to their captors.  Some examples I have seen which have landed people in trouble are:

  • //I am recording this (implying that they are not happy with what is happening and/or are going to make a report)
  • //I am going to report you all
  • //You need to go learn the rules because you don't know what you are doing
  • //This is such bad/fail RP
  • //why have you taken me hostage, you need a reason, tell me now

The rules provide that OOC chat should never take priority over the roleplay.  If you think someone is breaking the rules, then keep it to yourself and deal with it after the RP, no matter how bad you may think it is.  If your captors break every single rule there is, stay in character and deal with it later.  If they go to powergame you or perma-scar you without permission there is nothing wrong with "//Permission not granted" but if they carry on, try to just keep in character.  Just because your captors RP cutting off your legs without permission, doesn't mean you need to now have your character act like they have no legs.  Most people when faced with this will just move on after the interaction as if it never happened, as your captors can't force anything like this on you.  If you think there are rulebreaks and want to raise this point, do it in a formal report or talk to your captors OOC in teamspeak, do not in OOC chat.

Don’t take what happens personally OOC:

At the end of the day it is just a game on an RP server and not everyone wants to play the game the same way.  Some people are going to give you better hostile RP than others, and yes it can be a pain in the ass to lose all or most of your gear but it is nothing that you can’t get back.  Use this as an opportunity to impact your character somehow, perhaps it makes you more cautious when approaching people, perhaps it makes your character want to take it out on others etc.

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 I have seen people get shot because they mistakenly hit 2 instead of F2 and pulled out their weapon.

This is literally me every time i'm a hostage.

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Excellent guide! Hopefully this can help newer players get a feel for things. Remember -- Bandits are there to provide RP! We aren't here to just steal your gear and leave.

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Good guide! In my first month in the community I had a giant piece of paper with emotion keybinds right beside the keyboard. Just in case! :)

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Good guide.. I hate it so much when hostages are beign shit heads.. Even you threaten them multiple times that you will kill them, yet they keep on with their shit talks.. This is a must for every hostage to read..

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Learned alot from this. Have been taken hostage for a couple of times now. I never knew

what was the best to do. After reading this guide, I now exactly know what to do,

Thanks alot!

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One thing to always remember is that there may be an “inside man” waiting to shoot any non-compliant people.



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I like it. Perfect guide for people that are new to the server. They can use this to help them in hostile situations. :)

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God I hate inside men. That's why I always hang out towards the front of the compound at GM. If shit starts going down, I can generally disappear before they shoot me... most of the time.

also, damn you Casey you sneaky bastard, you're the one that taught me to be careful about those traitors :)

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Oh, but you’re “crazy”, well that changes everything!

Just kidding, same still applies.  Work it into your RP but you still need to make sure you don’t fall into the NVFL category.


That's golden.

Excellent guide friend!

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Walkers guide to "So you've been taken hostage."

1. Shoot them in the face.

2. Shoot their friends in the face.

3. Enjoy top lad gear.

Also, good guide. +7

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Great work on this, I hope lots of new members take the time to read through this. It should help them out a lot, and has the potential to improve the quality of RP during initiations / hostage situations overall.

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This is pretty damn good! Newcomers should read :)

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Guest Mak

Nice guide, very well written and easy to understand, +1.

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Good guide, added to the Mega thread for guides and tutorials.

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You might add into the 'searching for radio' part that if you're restrained or have your hands up you don't have access to your radio either.

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Good job on this thread! You worked hard and really made your point.

Thanks for this, I will recommend this to new-comers.

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I kek'd

Great great for beginners man!

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Great guide. I've never been taken hostage so these tips will help out. Thanks for the guide friend.

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