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Hey everyone!

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Hey, I'm new to this community and got my whitelist earlier this week. I've been playing a bit and felt the need to introduce myself formally here. My name is Tom Rogers and I'm looking for people to play with. I hope to be meeting some sweet people on this server!

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Hey there, hope you're enjoying your time so far. Welcome to DayZRP :)

If you're looking for people to play with, you may want to check out the looking for groups thread here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Survivors-Looking-For-Group

Or, if you'd like some advice on anything related to the community, including trying to figure out what kind of group you'd be interested in joining, feel free to send me a poke on the teamspeak. my teamspeak name is Jack the Ripper (Ivan Lynch). If I don't respond, I'm either in-game, or AFK, but I'd be more than happy to help with anything.

If you're having issues or need specific questions answered about the servers, rules, or the community in general, the staff are excellent at providing advice and information.

Enjoy your time, and perhaps I'll see you out there :)

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Hey Tom and welcome to the community.

The best thing to do is to meet friendly people in game and ask them if you can travel with them and maybe even ask their radio frequency after a while so you can contact them next time.

Have fun and if you got a question you can send me or a CH a private message :)

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hey welcome(: and i dont think you will find a sweet person but maybe some nice people.. but F2 is to put your hands up when you need to ;) yah welcome haha

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