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Hey there!

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Welcome along good Sir, have a gander (really long and eye straining read) at the rules and lore and remember not to fuck up :)



:D Good luck with the App'.

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Welcome Buddy!

Hope you have a great time here. Don’t forget to check out the lore and learn the rules. Have a look at the FAQ before making a new thread in the questions section. If you are looking for some helpfull guides have a look here . Feel free to PM me or one of the orange peeps with any question at all!

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hey welcome buddy. by the way i just seen a very new member get banned for loot cycling so just check that out as well as you cant do it on DayZRP servers :D

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Welcome to the DayZRP Community DeepEmissions I hope you have a fun and great time on DayZRP!

If you have any questions you can take a look on the forums of contact any of the Community Helpers.

Good luck with getting on the whitelist !

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