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Alcyone Staff, Faculty & Student Bios

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Get to know our Professors, Staff, and Faculty below. Find out more about Alcyone services here

Reiner Cernak


Age: 19

D.O.B. : December 8th , 1995

Nationality: Chernarussian

Country of Origin: Chernarus, Novigrad

Occupation: Student


During the Apocalypse, he saw a lot of things...he thought the war was bad but...the events that formed afterwards were unspeakable. Riots within the cities, killing, banditry, and fighting amongst the people. The military killing people in fear they might have been affected, cannibalism...so many things. He was forever changed. Both the war and the apocalypse had forever changed his thoughts of people, he truly believed people were good and whole heartedly caring but after the things he saw...he discovered that people are truly people evil. So the next 6 months he survived, gathered and saw the new world, and he thought to himself “this world can't stay this way...” And so he began to gather knowledge, he set out with his goal... he was going to create a pillar of light within this wasteland, and doing so would be his first step to creating a utopia.  


Gerhard Weissenberger


Age: 35

D.OB. : December 23rd, 1980

Nationality: German

Country Of Origin: Germany

Occupation: Professor of Military Science, former Officer of the German Federal Army


Gerhard was born in Munich on the 23.12.1980. He grew up in a Socialist worker family which caused a lot of trouble for him since he started to be more and more militaristic as soon as his body and mind entered puberty. His Grandfather a Veteran of the second World War on the other hand said that it would be good for his later life if he would join the Armed Forces.

With the possibility to escape his parents and the ongoing conflict between them he decided to enroll directly after High-School, which he left with the words of his class teacher:

"Everybody is getting a decent job or further education, just Gerhard is becoming a dumb Soldier"

With 25 years he almost finished his officer degree but life changed a lot since Raiko his 10 year younger Sister also ran away from their parents.

Both formed a family and stayed together, even when the outbreak caught them on their vacation in Chernarus.



Matthew Cade


Age: 27

D.OB. : October 5th, 1988

Nationality: British/Chernarussian/Russian

Country Of Origin: Britian

Occupation: Great


Born Great, Raised Great, Lived Great, Stayed Great.



Geoffery Rivers


Age: 23

D.OB. : May 18th, 1992

Nationality: American 

Country Of Origin: United States - (Texas, El Paso)

Occupation: Student


Raised in small town just outside El Paso, Geoffrey had a relatively quiet and uneventful childhood. Being born into a family of cattle ranchers, he struggled with socializing and making friends, more often than not preferring the company of books rather than people. Despite his above-average grade scores, Geoffrey failed to land any scholarships after high school. 



Having all but given up hope on a life outside of agriculture, he was overjoyed one Sunday morning to receive a letter from the University of Novigrad. Due to conflicting arrangements with other applicants, he had been offered a grant to study literature through an extended study abroad program. While studying in Chernarus was by no means Geoffrey's ideal option, he jumped at the chance to leave Texas behind and accepted the grant.



Years later, Geoffrey finds himself in South Zagoria at the prompting of his journalism major roommates, who wanted to witness the outbreak crisis firsthand and needed a driver. In the chaos of a suddent thunderstorm, their car veers off the road near a border checkpoint, only minutes before the being overrun by a panicked mob of evacuees. Seperated from his roommates in the confusion, and injured from the accident, Geoffrey sought refuge in derelict houses for days until a chance meeting brought him to Alcyone.


Peter McGrath


Age: 17

D.OB. : November 3rd,1998


Country Of Origin: Canada

Occupation: Student


Before coming into this hell, I was a high school student. Well, I was 12 to be exact when I arrived here, guess that's a long time eh? Well, for short, when we arrived, me and my father, he took me to a place for a long long time. Four years in the same room, eating the same food, drinking the same water, not seeing anything changing around me... nothing at all... At least he brought me books, that was nice of him, right...? Well anyways, my father, as you can imagine, isn't still alive... to the best of my knowledge. Now, for how I joined Alcyone, the brightest part of my story I suppose. Well, I was in a city, lost, lonely, and recently I had been held hostage. That's when I met this strange fellow, a nice one, but a cold one also. His name; Reiner. Indeed, Reiner is the one that made me come into Alcyone,believe it or not.... What he talked about made me realise something, something that made me want to live again... a feeling I didn't feel for a while before that... We walked, jogged and took I truck I believe, from that city, which the name still escapes me, all the way back the their public campus; Dolina. From there, my life has just been spiral of up and downs, mostly ups however... around some people. Thing is, I liked the downs, and so did IT, it made me, me and IT, stronger, which is somewhat bad, and somewhat good.... And now, my life has just been another spiral, going up and down. I guess that's just how life is in general.



Doktor Johannes Christof Hofmeister


Age: 34

D.OB. : May 2nd, 1981

Nationality: Austrian

Country Of Origin: Austria

Occupation: Forensic Criminologist


Johannes Hofmeister was born in 1981, on May the 2nd, in the beautiful shoreline city of Bregenz. The capital of Austria’s westernmost federal state, Vorarlberg. However, he lived the majority of his life Southern Germany; in Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg to be exact. Hofmeister lived a rather luxurious childhood, you could say; privately educated, with a wealthy parental guardian – Just one that at the same time, lacked things most people possess, and claim you should require. He was never concerned with love, family, friends. He was labelled as an aromantic-asexual by others, he merely artificially cared for his family as he knew that would be there whenever he is in need, he never made friends, they were associates, nothing more to him. The single most important being in his narcissistic little mind was him, and he was by no means ashamed to admit it.

Whether you despise Hofmeister as a person or not, it would be delusional to deny his intelligence. He studied for thirteen years in Heidelberg University, receiving a two times Doctorate in Humanities and Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. He was always immensely passionate for his education, and it is what he spent most of his life’s time towards. 


As of early 2014, he had pursued a career in Forensic Criminology and was living a pleasant, tranquil life back in his hometown, in a delightful cottage dwelling among the Alps. That October, Hofmeister had been studying a certain case for some time now. The perpetrator, after having not shown himself for months, eventually was found having fled to the forgotten country of Chernarus. Due to the circumstances of the case, Hofmeister was brought along over to investigate the first scene over there. It just so happened that during Hofmeister’s time in Chernarus, certain controversial events began to promptly surround him, the country falling into a great state of trauma. Which, due to his stubborn and determined mindset, he decided to shut it all off and bring full focus onto his work. This tenacious decision, would now be considered a mistake by most, but not by him. Subsequently after being caught within the Outbreak, Hofmeister had fled up to the tiny hamlet by the name of Stary Yar. This is where he hid, for almost five months of the apocalypse. Concealing himself from reality, becoming completely delusional, convinced that this international disaster was a mere hiccup in society, and nothing we have not previously dealt with. Convinced that we would once again strive as society, that we as the human race would undoubtedly overcome this. He still carries this mindset to this day, and it was this that motivated him to join Alcyone and their Faculty, to aid them with their endeavours, their efforts to preserve all we as humans have previously worked centuries for, to preserve knowledge.


He remains within their Faculty to this day, as the Professor of Criminology, even if he often fails to get along with most his associates, he and they get by.


Jena Woods


Age: 27

D.OB. : January 30th,1988

Nationality: Italian

Country Of Origin: United States

Occupation: Website Owner


Jena had a fairly simple life when growing up, she grew up with her mom, dad and her younger brother, Tom. Her parents split up at an early age leaving Jena with built up emotions, anger and grudges. 


Jena and Tom never got along while growing up. After their parents split up it became worse. They decided to live with their preferred parent to stay out of each other's hair. They both believed their guardian was correct in the matter and any discussion only resulted in arguments, it wasn't until mother died of cancer and Jena was brought under the custody of their father. During this time they slowly built a relationship again and did many activities with another, even enrolling at the same college. They both took in a course about website development and design, for their final exam they created a matchmaker website which boomed with popularity fast. Realizing the potential gem they had in the palms of their hands, the pair quickly left their day jobs to work full time on managing and moderating SingleMingle.com. 



Alyssa Morgan


Age: 29

Nationality: There are no nations left

Country Of Origin: USA

Occupation: Clinical Counselor, specializing in Grief and Trauma


Originally from West Virginia, USA, Alyssa Morgan was working toward her PhD in Clinical Counseling. Her thesis was to be the result of research on the ways Counseling theory can improve diplomatic and political relations. Having studied in diplomatic hotspots including Turkey, Egypt, and Russia, she was on a student retreat with her colleagues in the north of Chernarus when the infection struck. Trapped inside the quarantine zone, all her friends lost, she stayed in the woods up north until the food in the cabins ran out. Then, she made her way to meet the remaining survivors.


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Students & Staff Of Alcyone!

Luciano "Lucky" Wills


Age: 23

D.OB. : January 26th, 1992

Nationality: American

Country Of Origin: Northern Mexico

Occupation: Blackwater Operative

Born in Northern Mexico Luciano was exposed to the harsh reality of the streets at a very early age. He was luckily able to leave the country when his family moved to Southern Texas. Growing up in Texas was a easier and better life for him. One day at the range with his father at age 7 he picked up a hand gun and shot a 2 box's of ammo down range with impressive accuracy. At Age 10 his father passed away. At age 17 he met his fiance Emily in high school and instantly fell in love with each other. Age 19 his mother passed away and he fell into a deep depression only to be brought back from the darkness by Emily who never left his side so he was never alone. A Day after his 20th birthday while out to lunch with a family friend. He offered Luciano a possible job with Blackwater. By their standards his proficiency with weapons well above Excellent for a civilian. By age 21 he was in Egypt providing Personal protection to key personal. In August of 2014 he was in the Ukraine for one last overseas job. Unknown to him his fiance was pregnant with twins. The last week of September she suprised him by telling him he was gonna be a father and he was over joyed. Two weeks before the infection she suffered a miscarriage and she fell into a deep depression and deeply affected Luciano as well. When the infection Emily refused to move and show little emotion to what was happening and Luciano did the Unthinkable to save her from this hell they were experiencing. Luciano now has promised himself that no one he cared about would get hurt or die and vowed that he would never bury anyone he loved.

Zhoe Burton


Age: 21

D.OB. : May 2nd, 1994

Nationality: British

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Occupation: Student

"I'm not supposed to be here. This just doesn't happen to people like me. This is so unfair."  

Zhoe, ("the"h" is silent"), was a normal, rich, upper class 20 year old Daddy's girl when she arrived in Krasnoe with her three best girlfriends and her small pet King Charles Spaniel; Pudding. Young, spoiled and ready to start her gap year in an isolated detox and cleansing farm resort, nestled in the Black Mountains, the girls were set to unload the stresses of the first year of University. Naturally, Chernarus wasn't her first choice, but when one of Zhoe's favourite vloggers mentioned he had got his "detox on, Chernarussian style" at the family run farm spa, they were flying first class to Chernarus International Airport before Daddy could say, "Whatever you want, my darling."

Upon their arrival, Zhoe and company enjoyed 2 relaxing weeks of selfies, #naturalliving and a whole tumblr page of Chernarus sunsets without a hitch.. At least a hitch that didn't involve a lack of fresh kale and Liz Earle face serum. Then everything changed.

On October 20th, Zhoe and her three friends Emily, Georgina and Jessica woke up to the farm deserted. Naturally, their first thought was outrage at the appalling service, but 1 botched attempt at scrambled eggs, 5 tantrums about the non-existent mobile coverage and 8 hours of self absorption later, their perfectly waxed brows began to show the tell-tale lines of concern. When a sulky tromp to the neighbouring village of Krasnoe revealed the same there, panic began to set in... But the heart pumping, limb shaking terror didn't wash over them until the moment when a snarling mutilated woman leaped out of the wrecked mini bus, onto a shrieking Jessica and set about ripping the flesh from her throat. The remaining girls, who's hysterical screams had alerted every single undead in the area, were chased through the forest, back to their farmhouse..

For a week the 3 remaining girls holed up in the farms attic attempting to ration their small supply of organic cashew nuts and granola bars, listening to the undead groans divide and fall away into the forest. Eventually hunger became too much for them and they ventured downstairs and outside into the neighbouring hills. Over the next 8 months scavenging for food, warm clothes and water in Chernarus farmlands, Emily, Georgina and then Pudding met their gruesome demise. This fate would certainly have befallen Zhoe if it were not for three important factors; 1 tough decisions that pit her humanity against her survival and blind luck.

With no survival skills, little knowledge of the world and not even a grasp of the local language, Zhoe barely clutched at life. Starvation, dehydration and disease become more than just fictional third world problems, they became every day struggles for the English high society sweetheart... But almost a year into this nightmare, she's still standing in Chernarus alone in an ocean of flesh eating ghouls and morality starved bandits, looking fabulous and keeping hope alive...

Lumina "Jay" Stalsky


Age: 26

D.OB.: November 10th, 1988

Nationality: 1/4 Chernarussian, 1/4 Russian, 1/4 Irish, 1/4 Polish

Country Of Origin: United States

Occupation: T.A. for Theater History at University of Washington

Lumina Jay Stalsky was born on the 10th of November 1988 in Bellingham, Washington to a half- Chernarussian mother, Natalie and a Half-Irish and Polish father,  Aron. Nonetheless, after a decent upbringing in a small town. Lumina had a go at college, despite lacking decent funding from her parents and a her parent's new interest in her younger sister, Sarah. She still managed to find a way to get to college and go to class while working a full-time job and warding off many of the living costs by living out of her car and showering at a gym when needed.

In her time at college she learned plenty of history, planning on majoring in Theatrical Arts and hopefully, someday writing her own plays. Ontop of that she learned somewhat less useful skills, like swordfighting and hand-to-hand combat. In her final year however, with her graduate degree looming. She took one of her last requirements for her degree. Being a TA for a lower 100 level class. However during this time relationship troubles took hold and upon completion of her final spring semester was left out in the cold after saving up money to buy a house with her steady boyfriend at the time.

Ontop of a deep downward spiral where she cut her hair. Shaving the left side of it off to the part and chopping the right side just above the earlobe. Nonetheless, while still a mess, Lumina's friends decided it was a good idea to cheer her up with the possibility of going to Europe. While a far cry in terms of being cash effective, Lumina decided that it wouldn't hurt any less and decided to go with them. After a tour through Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy and even touching down in Ukraine on an economy flight that would take them back to the States after a layover. The opportunity to go further east to Chernarus  was given to the group whilst in Kiev, and even to Lumina's fervent detestment, she eventually gave in and on a small flight made her way with her friends to Chernarus, touching down at South Zagoria's International Airfield on October 6th, 2014

Kimiko Oshiro


Age: 28

D.OB.: Unknown

Nationality: Japanese

Country Of Origin: Japan

Occupation: Nurse

Kimiko Chiyono Oshiro, daughter of Kenichi Shinoda formally known as the founder of the Kodo-kai (Part of Yakuza); was an extremely intelligent, submissive (to father and husband) and dabbled in many unique hobbies. She excelled in all that her father placed in front of her, him being a strict and precise man saw no failure in his daughter. Kimiko graduate in the top five of her class, mastered in Archery and Kendo; though Archery was her favorite overall as she felt that being accurate in her target brought a sought of Zen to her. Traditionally, Kimiko was engaged at the age of 15 to one Oshiro member, Doctor Kenji Oshiro. 

     To fit the role of her fiancé, Kimiko became a nurse and worked at her husband's side as he so wanted, learning from him and serving him as a loving wife should. Kimiko aided in her husband's rise in power by helping him kill the boss and take over the family, changing the name as we know now to Oshiro-gumi.

     Kimiko followed Kenji to Chernarus to be the first to discover either cure or a vaccine that can have them monopolize it; things didn't go exactly as planned and a shift in strategy needed to be made that Kenji swiftly came up with and again Kimiko followed in his footsteps. Family died in front of her eyes as the virus spread and cut down everyone that was amongst them. 

Kenji Oshiro


Age: 42

D.OB.: December 10th, 1974

Nationality: Japanese

Country Of Origin: Japan

Occupation: Virologist At Tokyo University

Kenji grew up in a strictly religious Yakuza family adhering to the strict code of pride and honor. his father Morumoto Oshiro was the second in command of a powerful Yakuza family based in Osaka with allot it pharmaceutical company's under their control. at age 29 he was married off to Kimiko who was the daughter of one of the larges Yakuza family`s in japan.

After his father died Kenji became the 2nd in command of the family and with the help of Kimiko they manage to kill the boss and take over the family and changing the name to Oshiro-gumi.  In 2011 the government started to crack down hard on all Yakuza all across japan Kenji seeing what was happening all over japan was looking for a way for his family to secure a foot hold and survive the crack downs.  And his chance came in late 2014 with the discovery of a particularly scary virus that turned the infected into a crazed state resembling zombies.  He knew i would soon be head line news so he pulled his strings and set off to Chernarus to be the first to discover either a cure or a vaccine and by so doing creating a monopoly on it.  And with him came a wave of Yakuza to preform espionage extortion blackmail and theft to be the first to obtain the solution to this crisis and get payed royally for it.

But the country was more of a mess then he anticipated and soon he saw that they where not even able to contain a simple contact virus and he decided to invest in survival right before everything completely shut down, I managed to get a 2nd wave came in and hunkered in Bor where they established a research base.  As the months passed more and more of his members died either by the infection of by other conflict.  Now only with a hand full of members left he need to change his tactics his new plan is to grow with any new form of government seating himself in a position of influence from where he can slowly rebuild his empire, doing anything in his power to rebuild society and gain true power again.

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/emergency Reserved

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I love the thought that cow put into his backstory, it was very moving.

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I love the thought that cow put into his backstory, it was very moving.

Agreed - It was the most well written by far.

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Looks great guys! Very interesting reading about you all, very interesting indeed.

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Looks great guys! Very interesting reading about you all, very interesting indeed.

Thanks Fam <3 But how interesting is interesting..?

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I accept 5.56, 5.45, guns, and love for my services <3

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Added the famous Kenji & Kimiko - Virologist & Nurse to the bios!

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