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[Open Freq] To Kaiden

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*After locking the barricading the house where Luanne was kept he pulls out his radio and sends Kaiden a little message* 

Mr.Stone Was up. This little thing you said about coming after me and how you have got your new family that will look after you 

and how they accept you for who you are. So did we..We never had to hunt each other? 

How does it feel every other day your family are being taken and you can't do nothing about it

I'm sending this to offer you a way out. 

*He takes a quick look to make sure the house is secured before taking off*

We have have your love Luanne or whatever her name is you have 24-48hr to give yourself up or you won't be seeing her again

Every six hours we will do something to her 

first 6hrs will be a few nails being taken

on the 12th hour we will take a finger

18th hour we will take some toes.

24th we will take a  ear

You get it?



I shall be waiting 

*Wong releases the button on his radio and starts laughing with his brothers 

"He said he was coming after me, Look where it got his new family"

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*Ivan lets out a breath, before transmitting, his voice stone cold.*

"Do you know what weak men do, Wong? Weak men try to ransom for their prize, because they are too gutless.... or too incompetent.... to find the one they're after themselves.

How many bullets have you put into people, only to find out a few days later, that they're still walkin'? You're so hopelessly pathetic, that you think that killing small girls makes you a big man. You think that filling people with led and metal makes you strong.

I don't know who tried to kill me, I don't know who cut my face. All I know is that you were there. You and you band of merry men. I had the strength to get up and walk away, and you know what? Luanne will probably walk away same as I did, no matter how hard you try to put her down.

Because you are just.... so.... fuckin'.... useless, at what you think you're good at: Killing people.... being a strong man."

*Ivan spits on the ground.*

"Just thought I'd let you know what you are, cause you're either too blind or too stupid to see it for yourself."

*Ivan switches transmission, he didn't care what weak men had to say.*

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*Wong chuckles*

Don't you remember Ivan? You gave me her name and Destiny's name you're a little rat that turned on your friends when you was in trouble 

You know what else? Everytime we nearly get Kaiden he runs like Usain Bolt outta there 

THAT'S how much he cares about his family. 

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*Kaiden hears Jays empty and pathetic threats. He grabs his radio and replies*

"Like I have already said. I am not giving myself up. I have said this multiple times. I ran because if it was just me and you, then it would be a different story. You like to hide behind people and wait for them to do all the work and then you step in and act like a big shot. Jay, stop spouting. You look like an idiot. Your ransom is not going to work. If you want me, use your own fucking bare hands, instead of hiding and waiting for you to be hand fed like a baby."

*releases talk button*

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*Wong laughs even harder at Kaidens response*

 Fine. Kaiden. Name a time and a place I'm not scared. You say I hide but everytime something happens with your family I'm there frontline. I don't hide behind woman.  

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*Wong picks up his radio*

Mr.Rogers who's hiding? If you think you can handle the fire then let me know I'll tell you where to meet and we can settle this time and place

*He releases the radio waiting for a reply* 

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- Listening to the idle threats Lucious decides to make words- *Lucious presses button*

"....The Brotherhood waits.. Come soon. Because we are coming for you."

-You can hear Lucious laughing before the button is released-

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*with a heavy sigh he closes his book and picks up the radio. taping a rag and other things to the receiver he speaks into it. voice so distorted no one can tell who's talking*

"You say the Brotherhood waits...yet you are coming for us? How fucking stupid are you? Wong are all your men this idiotic or is it just this guy? Because if it's all your men then wow. Just wow. People like him are the reason this world is fucked. Because you're too stupid to understand anything."

"I can see now why your man is laughing. You and your people are a joke. A bad one at that."

*turns off the radio and picks up his book. resuming where he left off*

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*Bobby Hears all the talking on the radio to he decides to give a little reply*

Hey, you call us weak and stupid.. but atleast we stand up for our brothers, help them in need..

ahh, all this pain and suffering would end if your little kaiden would give himself up but it seems that he is too arrogent and would rather watch all his friends die then to let himself die to save the others.. it only takes one man to end it all and he should know that..

better hide little rabbits, we are coming for you

*Bobby Turns to Wong and signals to go before releasing the transmit button*

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*Kaiden pushes the talk button down*

"Okay. Let Luanne go. I will talk to you privately and give you a time and place, where we can meet. Just the two of us. No funny business."

*He releases the talk button*

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Charles listened to the commotion on the radio as he laid down under a hunting stand, before throwing in one quick comment.

"I was right about you Jay- you're nothing but a terrorist."

He rolled the frequency dial to see if he could find any music.

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