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[ALL FREQ]: To Alyssa Morgan and Alcyone...

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*Norman 'Bates' Casey is resting against a rock on the shores of Chernogorsk, when he decides to rile up Alcyone and any allies... He begins to broadcast...*

*Norman sighs...*

"Oh, Alyssa. Oh, how I want to hear your beautiful voice again. How's Bo-Jack? You should know, after all. I've been spending... quite a bit of time looking for him, not only him, though. I've also spent quite a bit of time doing my own... jobs... as I like to call them. Y'know, mass robberies, torturings, all in the name of Bo-Jack...

And I tell 'em every single time, blame Alcyone, because they kidnapped Bo-Jack. See, if you'd just surrender him, you'd be better off, 'cause I'd leave you all alone! See how it works?!

I want to tell you a story Alyssa, or Reiner, or whoever's listenin'... Just today, I was at Green Mountain. There was a fellow there who told me that he's been trying to get into contact with a Reiner Cernak, to schedule some... classes. And I told him, I said you tell Reiner he can shove his archives up his ass, and Alyssa should watch out... for...

*Norman takes a deep breath...and then yells: *


Alright? You got it? Just surrender Bo-Jack already... SURRENDER HIM! RIGHT... NOW!!!

*Norman takes many breaths, and gets out his asthma inhaler and inhales... he continues to speak afterwards: *

He also told me about your new location... I'll be by soon, cutie...

*Norman 'Bates' Casey stops transmitting and angrily shoves his radio in his pocket...*

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*He grumbles and picks his radio up and presses in the button*

Oh for fuck sake its this loudmouth again... 


Is this Bojack a chocolate bar or something?

Alysa did you steal this mans chocolate!?

But seriously buddy get your head out of your own arse I can smell the shit through my radio.

Right toodles.

*He releases the button*

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*Blaine presses down the button*

I don't know who the fuck you are but I do know Reiner and he's not a bad person.

*her accent changes to a posh british tone*

 I also feel like you're being rather disrespectful towards this gentleman so I would suggest byiu watch your back

*she smiles*

We have our eyes everywhere my friend

*she releases the button and rests the radio next to her*

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*Norman smiles as he recognizes the man's voice...*

"Ah... seems like we have a back-talker here. Do yourself a favor... stay out of things that don't concern you, or I'll take your toes off..."


*Norman tightens the grip on his radio as he hears the woman's voice...*

"Oh! If you know Reiner, then you can tell him what I said! Tell him I said to shove... his archives... up... his... ass...

Okay? Good? Yeah? Okay."

*she presses the PTT button down*


*she releases the button*

Well hello there, Mr. Casey,

It is always hard when we lose friends. I myself…lost a very good friend, just last night. I am sorry for your loss.

However, I – nor Alcyone – had anything to do with it.

Mr. Bo-Jack visited our campus just once to my knowledge, and that’s been…a while ago now. I invited him for hospitality, as I typically do. And we had a very pleasant discussion about a training course one of my professors and I were trying to put together for some of the younger students.

The next day, he captured my Chief of Security and tortured him. I believe you were there, Mr Casey – perhaps you will remember the smell of his flesh burning.

After that, I heard that he did similar things to a member of Cerna Liska. After that, I was actually very surprised never to hear from him again.

At any rate, I certainly do look forward to seeing you. You’re welcome to hear my voice in person, if you’d like to make an appointment. It sounds like you’re going through a lot of grief just now. Perhaps we can help you to find your friend.

Be safe out there.

*Norman angrily kicks a tiny pebble into the water as he hears Alyssa's voice... He tightens the grip on his radio even further and grits his teeth just hard enough to almost chip them...*

"Ah. Look at you, with your politically correct tone of voice. 'Mr. Casey... Mr. Casey... Mr. Casey' Blah, blah... blah... 

Look! You want to prove to me you don't have Bo-Jack? Fine. Tell a time and place, and we'll meet. Me and you. Come on! If you have Bo-Jack, bring him too!"

*Norman stops transmitting and stamps on the ground angrily... tears lightly form in his eyes as he does so...*

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Enzo sits in a house in Dolina, transfering the contents from his previous large, bright, orange mountain back pack to his new, smaller leather pack.

Although smaller, Enzo made room for everything he needed in it. His radio was abuzz with the ramblings, and yelling, of a sociopath claiming to be searching for an old friend.

"Here I sit, ina the place I last saw Bo-jack. I drop him off here, when some men were trying to kill him e another friend of mine...."

Enzo sighs.

"Ma... Signore, Bo-jack was a friend, ma he do some stupid shit from time to time. I suggest you no follow in his foot steps. You no have men like Gwandoya to stand beside you, e like Enzo bail you out a bad situ- sitauation."

Enzo shifts gears in the conversation.

"Signora Alcyone, I'ma sorry to hear that about your friend e Bo-jack. I know it wasa long time ago, but still, I'm a sorry. I brought Bo-jack here once to the old campus. I hope I no play a part in that."

Enzo's voice drifts a little, thinking back to the people he has met over the past few months, and the people that are no longer around.

"Merde! I almost forget, that wine I had for you, is gone. I'm sorry to say, but a little girl needed it more. But Signora, I promise you I'ma make you more. Asoon I find a pot...."

Enzo's voice trails off again as he releases the talk button, wishing he had more apple wine right now to forget about all the people and places he gets close to that seems to just disappear.

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*Ivan's voice can be heard, his tone is soft.*

"Norman.... don't."

*Transmission cuts out.*

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Guest RayymondLmao

-Roland digs his radio out of his jacket as he listens to the man he met degrade the others. He presses the transmit button.-

"Heeyy, Norman. Remember me? You gave me a note for the Dean. Delivery boy Roland, that's me."

"Pretty funny that it was you of all people. If I had known who you were you'd have a couple of .380's living in your skull by now. I hated your bullshit when I was a wanderer, I hated your bullshit when I was a Regulator, and I hate your bullshit now that I'm a survivalist. You haven't changed a bit, you bigoted obsessive bastard."

"I have a grudging respect for the people of Alcyone and I don't appreciate you manipulating me into delivering hate mail. Don't think you can just insult people through letters and the radio and get away with it. You'll get yours in spades, physically or socially."

"Oh, and one last thing. I lied about Svetlo, you fucker. Good hunting."

-He releases the button and returns to pitching his tent.-

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*Reiner, fidgeting - here's the man's broadcast over the radio recognizing his voice. He patiently listens to the end of the message until holding down the transmitter*

Mr. Casey, I recieved your letter today. A complete waste of paper if I may add. However - after I read it the kindling did warm the fire so I will thank you for that. Hmm but regarding your most recent rant, who knows where Bo-Jack is...he might be dead...Though I promise you , he has been added to my archives...I understand why you want to burn them. You're jealous. You fear the knowledge I possess is far beyond what you can contain between your ears. And I understand.. your fear... jealousy..and lust for knowledge. You You are a mongrel, one who doesn't understand the brilliance of such archives, instead you prefer to jerk around at the Mountain. If your looking for Alcyone... I can tell you - don't bother looking at the mountain, we don't go to a place of degeneration. Perhaps if you become relevant enough to the world Mr. Casey , I can show you a piece of my archives, but just a piece...anything further and your mind would explode. I look forward to hearing you rants, it is good to reminds of the problems of this world. Take care - Case

*Static Ends*

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Enzo hears the words of a woman he can't even recall ever meeting. He hesitates but reluctantly presses down the push to talk button.

"One way or another, Signora, I always keep my promises..."

Enzo releases the talk button, hoping that his voice doesn't lead too much into the shit occupying his thoughts right now.

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Guest RayymondLmao


*upon hearing this new voice, she addresses herself to the man who called himself Roland*

Roland - I thank you for what you did. I am glad to hear that we have earned your respect. I would urge you though - please, don't risk your safety and well-being. I...too many people have already been hurt...just for knowing me. Much less anything else. You seem like a good guy, please - I would hate to see you get hurt over this. 

Be safe out there. 

*she sighs and releases the button*

 -Roland presses down on the transmit button, pausing from stirring pumpkin soup- 

"Mizz Morgan, I appreciate your concern, but I'm going to have to insist you worry about your own. If people want to get at me, they need to find me. 

Besides, your organization has a habit of making itself a target. For a group of educators, your men seem to be quite heavily armed. And your campus isn't exactly private either. 

I'll make a suggestion to you, Mizz Morgan. Have your teachers and your doctors and your librarians stop carrying around assault weapons. If they're in danger, hire more security. But don't have them carrying such valuable items in the open. You'll have less suspicion upon your organization, less reason for bandits to rob you, and make the staff more approachable. 

Itseems to me that you make enemies due to misunderstandings. Maybe it has occurred to you, maybe it hasnt, but instead of trying to change others, why don't you try to change yourselves? 

Something to think about. 

-He goes back to stirring-

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Guest RayymondLmao

(Plz remove posted twice)

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Guest RayymondLmao

"Never said I was talking about myself, Mizz Morgan."

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