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Guest zer0darknezz

A Cosy Welcome

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Guest zer0darknezz

Hello everyone! Nice meeting, whoever is reading this. I'm Zer0Darknezz and i'm really looking forward to meet y'all on chernarus! Some Background info on me:

I live in holland

I'm 17 years old(currently)

I play a variation of games

I like meeting new people and making FRIENDS :D

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Welcome to DayZRP! :D

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The thing with age is that it's always currently. :P

I live in the Netherlands as well, and I too am 17 years old. Currently. I understand the need to point it out. The only thing a 17-year-old wants is to turn 18.

Anyway, welcome! Make sure you read the rules! And make sure you have fun!

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