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DerrickStorm    34

[align=justify]I really like how this video was edited. That's some great work. About the content, yeah it's all true. The worst thing is the kids spending their time on the phones. As Louie C K in one of his stand ups said, that children don't learn the correct behaviour, because when they text someone that his stupid it feels good. But if they would say it to his face, there would be some consequences. The other child would show emotions, cry, react. I know it very simplified but it really shows the true problem of todays technology.

[align=justify]On the other hand when we get older, we do have less time for activities. And social media that were initialy helping us, now they've managed to take place of the face to face meeting as stated in the video. It's easy to blame technology, hard to blame yourself - as the lyrics of one of the best songs (if you're a father it's impossible not to shed a tear while listening) "cats in the cradle" - There are always planes to catch and bills to pay.

[align=justify]Also from what I remember few years ago I've read something about Japan and the problem, where people left their real-social life and the internet social life was enough for them - even when it came to relationships. It was a very interesting story.

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Kanen    108

Well I think that man got the message across. That was some deep stuff :) Thanks for sharing Samaritan

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Alright, let's break it down...

This is the one of the easiest, most obnoxious and self-righteous 'issues' to jump on a soapbox about. 'Can we auto-correct humanity?' That sounds like the headline of a 15 year old's essay on technology in the modern era.

Keep shit in perspective and realise this motherfucker has managed to create a video (and career) out of generating online based content; by criticising the very medium he utilises to base his career off. This dude is a fucking genius and has pulled a brilliant trick off here. Who doesn't realise that if you spend too much time in a screen it's bad for you. No shit. And who doesn't realise now more than ever we spend a lot of time in front of a screen - At work, on the commute to and from work and at home.

This dumb, dumb video is an insult to conscious hiphop/rap/beat poetry. It's an insult to even doing something other than being on your screen. Those fucking 'People are awesome' compilations would get more people off their screens than this self-righteous joke. You want to know what the reality is?

*Person watches video on phone in bed*

"Wow, damn - how true! I should go for a walk... *likes video* NEXT!"

Placebo Sham/10

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