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Thank you!

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Hey guys!

I just want to thank you all for allowing me to play and be apart of this GREAT community. I appreciate all of your guy's interactions and fantastic RP. It's truly nice to come here and have a good gameplay session and to listen to all the great stories people have. How did you guys end up on Chernarus? Would love to see yall's back stories. I'll begin.

My name is Atreyu Michael Miller. I was born in December 1989. I am a collage graduate from the University of California  with a masters degree in paleontology. After graduating college I was hired by the University to go up to the black mountains on the northern peninsula of Chernarus, due to the high volume of dinosaur bones that were found in the area in the early 1990's. My crew and I spent about 6 weeks up in the mountains excavating the landscape hoping that we would find something, anything in that matter. My business partner and brother, Jerry was attacked by the country's largest most deadly scorpion while he was cleaning one of the remains of a Raptor. When we tried to radio in for help to get Jerry treated only white noise was there to answers our cries for help. Myself and Linda our planning manager rushed with Jerry to find help. My brother Jerry passed away while we were driving ion to town unfortunately. Linda my planning manager went missing as she tried to look for help within the town as I stayed with Jerry, as I was to heart broken to even function. I left my wife, and my 4 year old son back in California back at home when I left for this job. I will fight till I find them. I will be home, one day....

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Glad you like it so far. If you want to read about other peoples stories you can have a look here.

That is also the place to post your stories if you want, for example this story you made.

That being said, I'll /close this thread

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