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Matthew Nugget

Lost [Open Frequency]

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*Radio turns on*

Ok so im wondering around looking for somewhere to sleep and I hear about a radio station, so I think lets go check it out.

  So I walk up and see a big ass gate with a sign and other fancy shit..... and here is the best part

*chews food*

Its empty, all gone. There was a big ass empty tent and a water pump but thats all.....

*chews more food*

so I decide to go look for town because by this point im not sleeping in some place with freezing cold cabins.

Im walkin down a road and find a few houses and decide to go off the road to see what else there was and now im stuck at a shitty castle....

*radio clicks off*

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Hannibal sits on his tree limb, listening to the howl of the cold night air. He hears a few people talking in the distance but pays them no attention. He hears the mans transmission and decides to reply.

"Sleep, sleep.... A thing of the past. You wander around from place to place for sleep....

What are you telling us, and why?

You speak of empty tents and cold cabins and big stone castles that are most likely damp from the rain. You seem pretty picky about where you stay for a few hours while the sun does not shine. What should it matter if it's cold, abandoned, or even fancy? Sleep... sleep a thing of the past, how long has it been since you've slept?"

Hannibal cuts of his transmission and rearranges his rifle as to sit in the tree a little bit more comfortable. He listens to the voices as they get farther away then eventually he is just left with his thoughts and howl of the cold night air.

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*hears the responce and thinks very hard on what he was asked*

*turns radio on*

Well sir first of all I think you miss understand, its not comfort im looking for, its somewhere where I will not get sick while sleeping because in these harsh weathers it is easy to get sick in cold damp places and being sick in this world is very bad.

*pauses again to think*

And I slept last two nights ago not that I know why that matters

*turns radio off*

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*Charlie wakes with a jolt to the sound of the radio crackling next to his ear. He fumbles around in the dark in an attempt to grab the radio, thinking it must be something important. When he hears the message, his brow creases with confusion and anger at having been woken up for no good reason*

Look buddy, I have absolutely no fuckin' idea why you decided to tell the whole of Chernarus this little...adventure of yours, but some of us are trying to actually get some sleep here. And most of us don't really whether it's under a bush or in creepy old castle. So if you would kindly keep your 'troubles' to yourself and keep Comms clear for some more life-threatening situations.

*With that he turned the radio off and pulled the cap further down over his eyes, listening to the rain pouring onto the roof above him. "Although with the state of the weather at the moment, it wouldn't be ideal spending a night outside..." he murmured to himself. 

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*Edward disgusted by the rude people on the radio responds*

Sir I am unsure of where you can sleep to be safe but stay strong survivor. Try to barricade a good standing home and take shelter there for the night. Keep a firearm close as long as you hold a licence, if not then carry a melee weapon.

*Edward clicks off the radio, and turns to Officer Simmons*

Edward: Am I doing a good job, sir?


Edward: I'm glad you think so sir.

*Edward thinks on what he said and responds again*

Civilian! I meant civilian. Goodness this stupid trash talk I keep hearing from people is getting to my head

*Edward sits his radio on his bedside and gets comfy in a police station in a sleeping bag*

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