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[Open Frequency] Piano Adagio in B major

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-From a theatre in an unspecified location-


*Transmission begins with some fumbling around and a brief moment of silence before Finn begins to play"


*After the piece finishes, Finn speaks in his Australian accent*

"If anyone's still alive out there, please let me know. I haven't seen another face in months. I'm starting the wonder if i'm the only one"

-Transmission Ends-

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*Gary Smacks the radio against his thigh* "God damnit..."



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*Finn remains in the theatre by the radio, listening to the transmission. Overjoyed that someone picked up, but cannot bring himself to send a reply as he thinks back too people he's met in the past, finding it hard to believe that there would still be any good people left in the world. But still, he remains to listen*

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