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Empress Nino

[Secure Frequency] To Ivan Lynch

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*Haas takes a break from working in his shed to relax slightly. He wanders over to a shelf on the wall, and opens a box. Inside are a few cigars that Ivan had given him over a week ago. He pulls out one of his cigars, and walks back over to his desk. In one of the drawers is a knife. He pulls out the knife, and holds the cigar in one hand, the knife in the other. He makes a swift cut at the cap to remove it, and then removes the extra sediment by bringing the cigar to his mouth and blowing hard. He uses the lit candle to light the cigar, by twirling the cigar counterclockwise, getting it hot enough for a proper light. He lights the cigar, and takes a long drag... holds it in his mouth, and exhales. The warm smoke relaxes him, and he takes a seat. Next to the candle is his radio. He takes the radio in one hand, the cigar in the other, and tunes the radio to a secure frequency, and begins to transmit.*

"Is this frequency in use?"

*He takes a short drag and exhales*

"I repeat, is this frequency in use? This is.... That's not important... 

*He waits another moment before asking one more time*

"Is this frequency in use?"

*After hearing no response from anyone including Ivan, he decides to try and make contact with Ivan*

"Ivan... Ivan are you there? We need to talk."

*Haas takes a long drag of the cigar while waiting for any response. He exhales and tries again*

"Ivan... I'm not sure if you are hearing this but we need to talk."

*Haas takes another drag and exhales* 

"Well then... maybe you are listening, or maybe you aren't. Either way, I'm going to speak... very briefly..."

*Haas starts to tap his foot, it can be heard slightly over the radio*

"I haven't heard much of you since we met in Pinewood... Pinewood... If you are still around, I'm sure you are more than aware what happened to it. If not then... Well... Pinewood is gone Ivan. The morning after you left, a man named Advel, a member of Volki and resident of Pinewood took it into his hands, probably on orders from someone above his pay grade, to perform a coup d'etat. I was forced out of the town by this man... with probable assistance from..."

*Haas pauses for a moment to take another drag. He savors the flavor and exhales. The exhale is audible over the radio.*

"From some men we discussed that night. You know which ones I am talking about. It's been brought to my attention that they have had interactions with each other, even before Pinewood was in existence... Advel had the wine box Ivan. I don't know how he had the wine box, but he supposedly had it, and inside was the letter he gave me... He has to have some help inside... Either that or he is... was bullshitting me."

*Haas takes another drag, this time he accidentally pulls the warm smoke into his lungs. He starts to cough. He releases the PTT to spare Ivan from hearing his mistake. Once he recovers enough, he presses the PTT again.*

"We need to speak in person... if you are even on this frequency. I can't say anything more over the air... You never know if there are... Snakes in the garden."

*Haas pauses for a moment, and continues to speak*

"Let me know if you are still breathing."

*He takes one last drag of the cigar, and holds it in tightly for some time before exhaling. He releases the PTT, and gets out of his chair. He walks over to the wall his shelf is hanging on, and slides onto the floor using the wall as a brace. He continues to smoke the cigar, and waits for a response.*

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