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Jake where are you now? [OPEN COMS]

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Hannibal stares at his fire as sparks dance from the embers, a few land on his boots he watches them try to burn at the rubber. He decides to see if he can find a very old friend. He gathers up his radio and holds down the transmission button.

"Jake, Jake, where are you now? Remember me you found me with a frown. We met in a place with a river of blood, the blood of those that set for a friends one. We met in a place where revenge was taken away and a pact was made. You spoke with the men I watched, a distance with my silent friend."

"Have you dawned your mask? The one I wore. Still sleep near Zelenogorsk?"

"Ah yes the faithful cabin, to leave behind all fret and worries, you know the one I speak off Jake, The one we ran and hid in after a few questions were asked."

"I ask you Jake, the one of false names by what do you call your self now? The Wolf is asking for you 'Jake' if I don't find you here, I'll find you else where. Don't worry the scent of you is keen. Try not to disappoint."

"A few more words before I go, CDF or UN which were you? I said I was one you said the same as well, I think you'll know me more now that I've said those words I dare not say more as to expose you to much 'Jake' "

Hannibal lets go of the transmission button and looks around as he hears a few twigs snap. He Stomps out the fire and climbs a tree and positions himself so he may rest for a little while with his back against the tree. He turns the radio sound to low, though not off so he may hear the replies in hope that he will hear from an old friend. 'Jake'

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