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Disco Soup Can


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Hey everyone, I just applied so i though i would come and say hi and get myself acquainted with at least some people of the community.

So hello :)

P.S. My in game persona is named Mark Sanders

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hey disco soup can! welcome and i hope to bump into Mark in game some day :D

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Hey there, Disco - welcome to your own personal apocalypse!

[align=justify]What adventure do you want to live while you’re here? Have you got a taste for freedom?  Or are you just trying to survive? Want to hold onto the light of knowledge? Or perhaps you’d like to try some power and might on for size? Check out the groups, you’re sure to find a family here.  

[align=justify]If you’re still getting to know the laws of the land, keep up with the Reports, FAQs, and Rules  pages – see how we deal with criminals around here, and make sure you’re not one of them.

[align=justify]Maybe you want to get know some of the deeper, darker secrets of the long-time survivors of Chernarus – steal a peek at their journals in Lore & Stories.  

[align=justify]And make sure to get our greatest tips for winding your way through any story in Guides & Tutorials.  

I'm looking forward to seeing Mark IG!

No matter what you do: Stay safe out there!

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Welcome disco :)

If you need help with anything make sure to hop in our teamspeak helpdesk, pm a community helper or send me a pm.

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Welcome man, sorry I kinda just left you in TS yesterday. Too many voices in-game to keep up with. Enjoy your stay

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