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Jack the Ripper

Immortals and the Jackals. [Limited Frequency.]

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*Ivan wriggles the knob on his radio to a secure frequency, so that only members of the Jackals and the Immortals would be able to tune in, and begins to speak immediately.  His voice is deeper and gruffer than usual, due to the fresh cut across his face. His tone is ice cold, with barely controlled rage.*

"Kaiden. I heard what you did, the threats you made. And to be honest? Stupidest, fuckin' decision you could have made. 

Do you care about your new family? Do you? Because from what I've been fuckin' hearing, you just sentenced them all to death.

You're going to fix the wrong you have done. I don't give a fuck how you do it. 

I joined this family to HELP you, to help ALL of them. Because I UNDERSTAND people like you. I don't HUNT, and KILL people like you, just because of what you eat. I gave you all a CHANCE.

And how do you repay us? ALL of us? By painting a big, fat target of each of our backs, not just your own.

Threatening to kill the ex Gamblers? Do you KNOW how far they spread out once they disbanded? Do you know how many groups have ex-gamblers in their ranks? And now they're ALL going to be hunting us. Because you can't let go of your petty quarrels.

Slade and I will have NO PART in your stupid war. We will have NO PART in hunting the Gamblers, torturing them, or killing them.

We are Crows. We will ALWAYS be Crows, no matter what our company is, no matter what group we become a part of.

And ultimately, we are only loyal to each other, and those who HELP us. We are NOT loyal to those who will put us in danger like this.

If I find out that Slade, Ollie, Destiny or Brodie get harmed because of YOUR mistakes.... I'll put you down myself.


I am DONE, taking bullets for those who don't deserve it."

*Ivan takes a few breaths before addressing the Jackals in a kinder tone, though his voice remains strong.*

"Ha-.... Seymour. You've always been straight with me. I consider you one of the few people I can rely on, and I consider you just as much of a brother as any of the Crows.

I want to sort this out. I KNOW you're a man of reason, and you know I am as well. If Jack wants to kill Kaiden.... well, as I said: I'll have no part in it.

If we can sort it out, end all hostilities, then hoo-fuckin'-raa.

But if Jack and Kaiden are unwilling to compromise, I want it to stay between THEM. The rest of this family, and the rest of your brothers.... don't get touched.

If you want to talk in person, and I feel we should.... well, you know I'm always willing to travel north to see you.

Take care.

*Ivan clicks off his radio and slumps against the wall of the cabin, exhausted by the days travelling.*

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Jack handed Seymour a bottle of bourbon. They'd been nursing it for most of the day, but the running had finally stopped and the two had decided to rest. Numerous men had joined them on this occasion, but again it was only Seymour and Jack. They'd hunkered down in a wet ditch, each using the opposite side of the embankment to support their posture. Seymour's boots were nearly in tatters, as the two had ran upwards of twenty-five miles in the past twelve hours alone. The bourbon was sweet and tasted clean down his throat. Jack began gathering wood for a small fire as Seymour tuned into Ivan's message.

He drank from the bottle. Some of the bourbon would spill from his mouth, dribbling down onto his enormous beard. His clothes were wet. His legs were tired and ached profusely. The safety of his rifle was off, hanging from the make-shift sling around his shoulders. His eyes scanned as the broadcast continued.

"Jack, c'mere!" he called out. Jack joined him across from the bottle, listening closely.

He drank more as Ivan began to address him. Before he spoke, he returned the bottle to Jack and watched him take a swig. Seymour pressed down on the button and spoke:

"My fight against the Crows never began -- I intended always to keep that fight from happening. Your lack of involvement brings joy to us. The man I'm looking at now deserves revenge, don't you think? I've seen the scars Kaiden gave him. I've seen the betrayal with my own two fuckin' eyes. Kaiden once invited us all to die alongside him, and Jack was the only one who answered the fucking call. This is how he's repaid? This is how a man Kaiden trusts is treated?"

The bottle is past back to him. He audibly takes a swig, then coughs from the heat of the bourbon.

"Fuck Kaiden. FUCK HIM! You either help me, Ivan -- Or you stay out of the way. My brothers will not stand down. Jack is like a father to them -- Even a wild pack of dogs like us would never double cross this man. He's been through too much. You've seen his fucking face! He's struggled more than any man I know...Even a Crow would know better than to fuck over a man who had sworn a blood-oath to serve him. Jack has bled for Kaiden -- He would have fucking died for him!"

Seymour audibly takes a swig of bourbon, but doesn't cough. He swallows hard. 

Furiously: " My boys don't kill 'lest we have to. Ivan -- Now we have to...Keep your fuckin' head down, you hear me? You stay the fuck out of this! Apologies will get Kaiden no where. Negotiations will get Kaiden no where. The fires of Hell will burn upon these lands until we find him."

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(Jack sits on a nearby rock he pulls out a his radio and begins to transmit)

I will not kill kaiden that is not what this is about. He has betrayed me betrayal is not met with death it is met with suffering. I will not kill kaiden im going to put him through hell. He is going to suffer as i have suffered. Giving him death would be too kind. I never forgive betrayal.

(jack puts the radio back into his jacket)

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(Jack sits on a nearby rock he pulls out a his radio and begins to transmit)

I will not kill kaiden that is not what this is about.  He has betrayed me betrayal is not met with death it is met with suffering.  I will not kill kaiden im going to put him through hell.  He is going to suffer as i have suffered.  Giving him death would be too kind.  I never forgive betrayal.

(jack puts the radio back into his jacket)

Seymour sits on his radio, activating the frequency again. The sound of a small fire crackling is heard. You hear a gross inhale, and then the sound of a loogie being hocked. 

" That's what I meant to say..." you hear Seymour begin, " I'm not really gonna kill him, Jack! Say, you got anything else to drink?"

Seymour leans forward into the fire, and you can hear the static cut out.

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*Ivan hears the reply as his eye opens a crack, groaning as the pain from his wounds hits him fresh. He sits still against the wall, listening to the two men talk. He lets out a soft sigh as the last word is spoken, before picking up the radio and speaking. His voice is low and soft.*

"So be it. Kaiden has brought this upon himself. Far be it from me to stand between a man and his vengeance.

I won't stand in your way.... but I won't hand him over. My involvement will be naught."

*His sighs again,slowly. his next words are full of irritation and remorse.*

"Kaiden. THIS is what happens to traitors in this world. You could have let it all go. You could have just moved on.... you had a choice Kaiden.... and you chose wrong.

Now you'll have to live.... or die.... with the consequences.

May gods or demons have mercy on you, because the enemies you've made for yourself.... sure as hell won't."

*Ivan closes his eye and clicks off the radio.*

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