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Going Scientologist

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So I have an idea about a scientologist RP group mainly focused on gaining and maintaining power in any form and improv RP, but I am a bit inattentive and impatient some times and need help to get it together, so im looking for people of the same mind who want to contribute.

So after Pepe got captured by the 

he got a little "touched" in the head to say the least, and he now believes the word of L.Ron Hubbard to be the true gospel and has decided to spread his word!

This is the current mindset of my character and it has proven to be funny to play, i love doing improv and have already had some sucsessful E-Meter readings, for payment of course! But i have failed to retrieve further income from these prospects, so just like the real church, I need some minions and enforcers! And of course E-Meter readers that can spread the faith!

The main focus of the group will be improv in any form or fashion as long as its within reason, and rules, but also the formation of a cult type entity along the lines of the real thing, within reason in the realm of Chernarus. Providing entertaining RP, useful RP or any type of RP to anyone on the server should come before anything else, members will be required to accept any other RP'ers requests of RP(like permanent changes to your character) as long as they follow the rules, not to say they will accept anything, but if at gunpoint and there is no real life choice to the situation, then its a go. (So make new characters if you dont want yours to be changed in anyway but still want to join.

First draft of positions

  • Supreme High Priest and Speaker of the Word of L.Ron Hubbard OT XVIII SUPREME BEING (Permanent god chief of for lyfe eternal Pepe Govender[in no way permanent])
  • OT XVII POWERS REALIZED (Second in Command)
  • OT XV FREEDOM (Propaganda Maser/Graphics art, im no good so help is appreciated if anyone wants such a position)
  • OT XIII KNOWLEDGE (Lore Master)
  • OT XII OPERATING (Enforcer)
  • OT XI FUTURE (E-Reader, Spreader of the Faith)
  • OT X CHARACTER (Basic Level)

Thats what I got at the moment, PM if you are interested.


[Youtube version coming soon]

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Hmmm this is interesting in a way.. but in another I'm unsure how this would go.. I'm not a fan of it personally but go for it if you really want I guess :P

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This honestly seems a little too far fetched, and on the almost trolly side of things. Certainly intriguing, nonetheless, lacking the seriousness I expect from this community's role play.

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Thetan tax incoming.


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At least you guys could RP like you have telekinetic powers whenever stuff get stuck in mid-air.

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The general Idea is to keep the Scientologist thing to a minimum, except for e meter readings and preaching at times, if you are somewhat sane and part of scientology, you might not want to flaunt that around you know? Maybe try to be a bit more sneaky about it. Thats my thoughts on the subject atleast.

Anyways I dont find it anymore far fetched than people trying to be police in chernarus, or bringing back communism. Its Pepe who is crazy, people believing crazy people in a highly strung survival situation to find peace of mind makes sense to me.

Either way, Pepe is not quitting scientology anytime soon, so if you wanna join me in the fun then have at it =)

And atleast voice your concerns in anything else than gif's...

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