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"Little Wing" [OPEN FREQUENCY]

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On the radio you hear someone humming. Not necessarily directly into the radio, more so that they'd put the radio down and moved away from it. Along with with the humming there's the sound of plastic hitting plastic. "Ah! Here we go," The person on the other end says. Shortly after, a song begins playing.


Around midway through the song, the person begins humming along. It's very faint, but it's there.

"I'm not sure who's alive and who ain't anymore," He pauses, "This song's a favorite of mine. I hope you like it".

The transmission stops...

Shortly after, the transmission starts again.

"Oh, and Reiner. You're an asshole"

The transmission stops... Again...

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Skye dug into his backpack once he heard the music through his radio, after a few seconds of searching he found his radio inside of an empty 'SpaghettiOs' can. He cleaned off his radio with a rag before pressing down the talk button.

"Whoever is playing this..Thank you.."

He let go of the talk button to catch his breath, he had been nonstop running all day, and this was his first break.

"It's been so long since I have heard any music, so thank you again."

He lets go of the button once more, and sat the radio down on the grass next to him.

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*Hearing the music on the radio waves made Grigori happy, it was good that more people started to put music around like he had done, smiling softly he put the radio near his lips*

"Good to hear some music on the waves tovarish, I myself opened a small radio station where from time to time I send music and some news. It's good to see that more and more people start sharing music, since music can be used as a brifge bee...."

*Catching himself Grigori laughs, he wasn't anymore at the university where he often debated with other people for hours so not wanting to occupy the radio waves for nothing he releases the transmit button.*

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