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(Unknown Frequency) Road Walkers

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A faint crackle, before a voice comes from the long silence.

The clocks stopped at 4:17, there was a long sheer of bright light and a series of low concussions. I think it is sometime in November, but I am not sure. I have not kept a calendar for years. Each day is becoming greyer than the last. It is cold and growing colder as the world slowly dies. No animals have survived and all the crops are long gone. One day soon all the trees in the world will fall. The roads were peopled by refugees towing carts and gangs carrying weapons, looking for fuel and food. Within a year we could see fires on the ridges and deranged chanting. There has been cannibalism, cannibalism is the great fear. Mostly we worry about food, always food. Food the cold and our shoes. Sometimes I'll tell him stories of justice and truth. We are eachothers warrant and that is all I know. If he is not the word of God then God has never spoken. We have travelled the roads from Moscow now for three months and our food thins out ever so quickly as we eat our last meal on this night. As we moved South the ash stopped pocessing the ground and the trees grew in number. That is what Ely had said. Ely had said that one day, all the trees in the world will fall to this fate, and that death and destruction will lead the world gone. We often think of suicide, Sabath used to carry a pistol with three shots for us all, before he was killed and eaten by marauders. How cheap life is. If you are like me and are lost in this world, head South. The tides of ash and the tides of destruction will follow us in our wake as we move South. The world to the north is long gone and the world ahead of us could be all that is left. One day ther-

The transmission slowly transitions to silence as the transmission cuts out.

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