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(Open Frequency) Doctors for hire

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*A group of men can be heard over a muffled scream*

[align=left]" hello anyone that can hear us, we are a group of young talented doctors * one of the men is heard being skeptical of being called talented*  that have landed ashore Chenarus north of Berezino. We were on a cargo ship which had armed men holding us hostage until the storm ran the ship ashore. We are weary of the friendliness of this new land we are on. We do however have a soft spot in our hearts to help people and keep them safe. We however do not do this free of charge. Being doctors we know how to keep alive using our instruments and blood. * More arguing from one of the men on the radio is heard saying he doesn't think this is a good idea" 

[align=left]We will be keeping our ears open on the radio for anyone in distress, we do advise if you are to use our services to keep an open mind about what we are asking for payment, it will be a pint of your own blood so we can further our studies and help someone down the road. If you are too try and overtake us and use us as hostages we have equipped ourselves with weapons from the men on the ship who held us hostage. We have nothing but time to get better and better with our aiming and also in helping those in need.

[align=left]*Radio can be heard being fumbled around as the men are disagreeing about certain things being stated over the radio*

[align=left]"We are sorry if you heard any screaming earlier in the message, one of our patients was being uncooperative with the payment required, our office is located west of Berezino in a small friendly town named Gorka." 

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*holding radio in hand firmly*

" we have decided to run down the coast line since an scavenger has taken many of our supplies and now we need to replenish our supplies."

*releases push key*

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As his radio buzzes Michael rubs his eyes and scans the room before him. His gaze spots the radio and reaches out for it with his left hand, but quickly notices his recent lack of a left thumb.  Not wanting to wake the sleeping Alyssa, who was semi-wrapped around him while he was trying to reach the radio, Michael slowly lifts her arm and sets it on her side, creeping out of the bed and across the room with the radio in his right hand. He quietly tiptoes outside and turns the volume on his radio up.

Listening to the men on the other end of the radio, Michael raises an eyebrow as a smile creeps across his lips. When the broadcast ends, Michael begins to laugh. His thumb pressed down on the transmit button during this before speaking into the device, his tone playful and yet somewhat demanding.


Michael takes in a deep breath, and takes his thumb off the transmit button. Feeling the cool breeze against his scarred chest,  the stinging of his left hand bringing him down from his mental high. With a sigh he turns back to the Dean’s office, head inside, and curls back into bed with Alyssa, careful not to wake her, carefully placing her arm where it previously was.

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