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Server time: 2018-07-19, 17:39 WE ARE RECRUITING

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Hey Guys :)

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Hey mate welcome to the community

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Hey TKingKOJ and welcome to the community. I've got some usefull links for you to get you started with your adventures on DayZRP.

The FAQ will answer the most common asked questions. Got another question, feel free to PM one of the orange people, or join the waiting for staff help channel on our teamspeak server. 

Every community has them and so do we. Our collection of the Rules opens when you click on the link. Those are very important for your whitelist. Read them carefully.

Also, check out the Lore of the server. Not only is it very entertaining, but it also gives you a pretty good idea on how long the infection has been going about. And you need to answer questions about it in the whitelist process.

Don't forget to read the broadcasts.

If you want to meet up with people, you can find the various Groups over there. There might be one of your liking in between.

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Welcome to the DayZRP Community TKingKOJ I hope you have a fun and great time on DayZRP!

If you have any questions you can take a look on the forums of contact any of the Community Helpers.

Good luck with getting on the whitelist !

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