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Chapter I "two pieces of a single stone"


The name's Emilio , i dont know why im doing this , probably because aint got nothing to do at the moment and i am waiting the damn sun rising because i need to hunt but at the end of  the day fuck if i know. This man's born back in the '74 , when come into the world actually mean something , you know , the time , the folklore , the drugs , the political matter and all that shit. I was born in a little town in italy called Aprilia , by a farmer father and a whore junkie mother , crazy mixture if you ask me , i use to had a borther , alessandro a.k.a. alex , my little brother. He was everyhing i care about , mum and dad always figthing , most of the time on the edge of a brutal violent show , so we use to stick toghether like two pieces of a single stone.

When the real storm hit us , we were living our childhood in peace , farming , hunting and having fun with the girls , the usual boys things , than the court , the separation and the end. Mom take alex and go back in the deep south of italy , where she come from , dad keeps me under his wing and he tried to raise me in a decent way , school , work and farm. Than my little dark angel , a guide on my path , a that point of my life i've never imagined that my future will be so dinamic , i've met this guy , Aldo , riding his '77 electra glide straight into the town heading the main bar , when i've reached the bar myself on my own foot i was looking at the man pointing his gun straight at the bartender face ... " you , my brother , you don't leave the chapter like that , you know that angels can find you anywhere , angels got wings " than he fired 2 times blowing that shitty face of his , at that point i've realized that man is the kind of man i want to be. I worked so hard sparing any chips i can , when i finally manage to assemble my fat boy with a custom soft tail frame , fuck the engine was screming like that was the devil himself, so i get my ass seated , my gun loaded and i sart travellig the whole country looking for this guy.

I rounded the country for two years  , living my life at the very border of her , when one day , in Rome , i suddenly met my brother , ashamed of what i've become , the dad's favourite become a young trump on a bike , i remember his nice fashion dreess , the whole pack of money he gave me and the buisness thing hes going to run with this shipping company from chernarus , he didn't know the oblivion he was going into. So i decide to take my brother's hug and come back home. Passing trought the town i've decided to make a little stop by to the bar just to see how the wind was blowing and right when i was pulling my bike's sawhorse , i see that man , aldo sitting there , smoking a cig close to a limoncello (italian liquor made out of lemon juice) bottle with a half full shot glass of it , so i've said " hey man what are you doing here?" and he replied " waiting for another douchebag that ask me the same question..."

... to be continued

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Chapter II "The fire , a bolt and a damn prostitute"


Passing my days with Aldo was very fun , riding , smoking , talking about the life and the respect , but , on the other side life's back at home harder than before , mom continues to ask money for her "treatment" , the fuck knows if it was for a real treatment or for her stupid heroine , keeping the bike fine and the stables clean at the same time , wasn't that easy. And like he wasn't enough , the fukken army knocks on my door , telling me that the time of avoiding the call up was expired , so or the army or the court , fuck that i've said , instead my father said " at least one vecchio's will be saved ..." than i replied " fuck you dad". The day after i was on train directed to venice outskirts , straight into a fucking army base , at the station , aldo was waving and laughing at the same time , screaming " hey man i've passed too , it will be fun " ... while waving , the bastard. And that was the '92 ...

Its useless to say that the only thing that the bucketheads had achieve on me in 3 years of "training" they call , its just how to take more beatings without screaming , useless time if you ask me , i told 'em , deers are faster than you bucketheads. One day of april i recieve this phone call from the town's bar " ehi Emilio you had to come back home , something happend ". So i manged to get dismissed by the fucking useless buckethead's army and go back home , or at least what's left.

A big bonfire burned the whole farm to the ground , they dont know if that was accidental or not , they said that the smoke could be seen from kilometers away , the whole home , the stables, the cattle and my dad , everything got burned to hell. My only regret was those last words to my dad , they weren't so much polite , but everybody knows , the vecchios grow up hard and they die harder. When i looked at the wreckage made by the fire , strangely i've felt somekind of relief , that home , my prison , was grounded pretty much to zero. I've sold what's left of the property to pay off my dad's deserved funeral , fix my bike and make a tattoo on my back representing a big fire. So i decided to move a bit south and get close to the capital city where some bigger buisness run... as i said , the next 5 years were full of violence , sadism and armed robberies with a spice of alchool.

During our little raids the adrenaline rush was so strong that the residual doesn't even make you sleep or rest decently , so one night i decide to go out on a blank ride , you know , one of those with fresh air on your face trough your bones , expecting maybe to clean me or my actions , when one damn police car getting close at full speed intimating me of pulling over...

"Pull over now!"

"What did you say i cant hear you!!"

"Pull over or you will be stopped with force!!"

laughing i replied " im sorry officer what did you just said? " and i've decided to make the most stupid move of my life , putting three rounds of my smitty .357 on the flank while accelerating ... obviously the policemans make a pit manouver launching me on the ground at the speed of 110 km/h and ending my roll on the ground with some broken ribs , the right knee pretty much destroyed and bleeding like a dyng pig. So i've raised my head looking at those two figures advancing with their gun pointed at me. I don't wanna die like that , i mean , steady , waiting for someone elese insolence to get applied , so i tried to reach my other gun , a simple always loaded glock , but something happened , a lightining , a bolt and a discharge goes trough my body. That bolt stuns me so much that i've awaken up 2 months after in a hospital with a big hole instead of my right jaw and chin , i've seen bolts a lot of time , but never thought that can change your life and your face so much...

After nine month of hospital treatments and facial reconstruction they said , i was sentenced for resisting arrest , attempted officer murder , multiple murder , armed robbery , criminal association and blah blah blah ... that means 32 years of jail ... good riddance i've said! ah i'll die as i say !

Jail time wasn't that much interesting as you see in tv , was pretty much beating someone , getting beated , stab someone , getting stabbed , go o infirmary , tattoo the x of the guy if you put him down , replay , ah almost forgot , sometimes you carve yourself or someone else , and yes , that's pretty much that. Except for one day , during my 7th year of vacancy in the italian jail system , during a comunity rehab day this well dressed guys was whispering that he can get out people without any effort. So i get close...

"And how do you exacly get me out of here?"


"Sure... so..?"

"easy , put a sign here , here , here and here"

" where's the catch? "

"simple , we give you new id , money and training and you gonna fight for us , basically we own you"


"wait you dont want to know who we are?"

"who gives a fuck , i had a mom whore once "...

2 weeks later im magically out , i can breath fresh air , feel the rain on my body and ... fuck i need to fuck , i really need to fuck. So i take the first bus that goes to the city , looking for a whorehouse , gonna trade my silver lighter for a decent b*****b must still worth something , so i get in this room and put my eyes on this magnificant creature of god , the most round and at the same time solid ass that i've ever seen. After my little "show" and a little talk with the gal , i ask her phone number , maybe for some work or maybe not...

see you in the next chapter...

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I love it!

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

Emilio Vecchio

The man. The myth. The legend.

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the legend himself, how can any faceless ever deny him of that title

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I;m enjoying the read, looking forward to the next chapter :)

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Glad to see youre back you crazy bastard!!! Get in TS sometime!

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Time to fuck shit up again :D?

with you, shit tends to fuck itself

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Loving it Emilio! <3 Welcome back buddy!

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Chapter III " Where Aprilia and Aurelia had a good lesbian fuck "


Her head was waving up and down on my little "holland" down there , i was about to put my right hand into my right pocket to bring the lighter Aldo given my five seven years before , just fo payng a nice and decent b*****b , when you know , i spray pretty much everything , than , only than she said..

oh boy , its been a while huh ?

ye , its been a while ...

why such rush than ? while smiling , that smile capture me in an instant , faster than an eyeblink ... and i replied

i , i ... was away , like got some shit to care ....

So my little outlaw man , he's in need of attentions and care ...

Nah , just need a couple of minutes for pleasuring myself , you know ...

Oh yeah , i know it , its pretty much my job , by the way ... she were smiling like there's no tomorrow , i dont know if i've fallen in love instantly or in the two weeks later where she gave me shelter , a place to stay , a person to stay with , the thing was that , you know , shit always come up. Fuck ! i've forgot those bucketheads for sale , they knock on my door , not just before the adknowledge of Aldos death , poor brother , he died for a throat cancer after tons of suicide rides all along the west coast from Reggio Calabria to the fucking Genova , and his  attorney , pretty much his first cousin , sent me via postmail a letter where was wroten down some strange things at first...

" i've buried our legacy , i've buried it , where aprilia and aurelia had a good lesbian fuck , without mentioning the great 69's show they gave me"

At first hand i've thought , that my poor brother had died with a smile on his face and a boner while watching his last show of his life ... but after that , Fuck! i've said , he was smarter than that , what was he tryng to say to me was that all of our goods were in a little garage of ours where we use to spend a lot of time  , via Aurelia 69 , Aprilia , a place where we use to talking about shit , drinking beer  loading and reloading ammo. fuck ! i even remember that time he tryed to bottle up one beer with the lee press , the beer exploded all over the gun powder , ah! That , was fun. Did you ever smell a gun that after fired a bullet smells of beer?

So when the two fortune bucketheads know down pretty much liza's door , i've try to sell them some bullshit to buy me up some time and that glorious creature that at the time was with me , she flirted a bit with those morons  , buyng me up the time i was needed to reach aprilia.

Liza , my love , i will never forget you.

So i've taken the first train straight to aprilia and when i reached the garage ...

It was like when i was a boy i've found my favourite chocolate buiscuits , my jessica was there , that's my bike not another whore i use to bang , my guns ,all the bullets and even aldo's bike , so in sign of respect and by instinct to i've decide to take everything and burn the place with aldo's bike to the ground. After that i returned in Rome to Liza's place , asking her to take all my shit and store it somewhere , Liza , compliant , did that.

I passed the rest of the day seated on a chair thinking about the past and about Aldo , not just a friend , like a brother he always taken care of me , he teached me how to survive , better , how to live , to live on the edge and survive the storm that comes with it , stiching my wounds trough changing the oil of my bike , Aldo , i'll miss you , forever.

So i took one peace of blank paper and i wrote down ... I Hope that both Aurelia and Aprilia had a good orgasm and you enjoyed it , i love you my brother. Than i ask liz to go at the verano cemetery , she will find a stone , with the writings " Aldo Scansone 1955-2002" , i've asked her to carve on the stone itself what i've wrote down on the paper , compliant she takes both the blade and the paper and with a tear on her white smooth face , she replied...

May you'll be an honourable man ...

No , my love , unfortunatley , i'll be a dishonourable one...

It was like closing a book after you've read it , it was closing a chapter of yourself , the Aprilia's Angels were done , my friend , were done and i don't want to lie to you , i've cryed for my lost brother , i've cryed tears and blood ...

Rest in peace Aldo , my beloved brother.

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Chapter IV        "Joshua , The fortunate buckethead"


So ... It's the first quarter of the 2004 , fucking war in the middle east is waging and i've left Liza at home with the promise of a wedding and a better life. Im in this syberian shithole ex-military base and there's this guy shouting at us in somekind of godforsaken language or whatever. Than this other guy come close and ask me in italian where i come from , with big wonder i replied " fatti i cazzi tuoi ( do your own buisness ) " and the guys starts laughing like hell was raised and he was the devil himself. After nine month of training , yeah like the pregnancy state , the pain was pretty much the same with the only thing that i got that pain straight into my asshole , nine month with this motherfucker , i've realised that this guys , this Joshua Andretti , is The Motherfucker , this guy  , pretty much my same age told me a shitload of things , from how to strip up my boots to how kill someone whit a single stab in less than three seconds... this guy was the real deal , this guy ain't not just the fortunate buckehead... oh shit , did i mention someone? nah ... i didn't.

So after the first contract i came back home , married Liza ,at that time Alex was my witness , can you imagine , a criminal as witness , ah! So i bought a new place even a damn fucking car , did you believe that? Emilio on a car ... bah 

By the way , i was getting ready to do the shitty family man , i got a wife ex prostitute , not a news in the vecchio family , i got an house and a car ... you say childrens? Oh , wait , just a bit , let's see what comes out of the cylinder first...

For the four or five years later this guy makes me fucking reach , making me just doing what i like to , applyng disorder and madness , subverting any fucking system or democracy we can find and fuck , they paid us very well for pretty much making the world our playground. I was living a dream , than this fucking epidemic or whatever , but who gives a fuck i live in another world i thought at the time...

So , me and joshua got separated , he was sent straight into chernarussian territory for who knows why and since i got my little brother in there , i've asked him that if he manage to make contact wiht him to let me know , and if he managed there will be an extra of five grands by me , the only things that moves joshua ? cash ...

So after a little job , i've decided to come back at home , after tons of blockades and checkpoints , i finally came at home and ...

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Guest K-Jack

i use to had a borther , alessandro a.k.a. alex , my little brother. He was everyhing i care about

Uhm... Alessandro aint dead.

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Next time read the whole thread and gimme some beanz you greedy bastard

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