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[Open Freq.] The rambling of a deranged man.

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*The eerie mysterious creature, almost like clockwork, presses the button at about the same time as last night.*

"Hello again, dear friend...I have come to talk with you again."

"You see, I have been witnessing a person do their deeds for the past few weeks, watching their every move to see when the time was right."

"From a distance I have waited patiently in the shadows, using a magnifying device to see them as if they were right in front of me."

"She is a very lovely girl, she has done good and I have witnessed her give the cloth from her back to a man who needed it, and was bleeding."

"It is a shame how she has to go, as we are very hungry again...We have lost our fill from our last meal, and the meat locker is getting very dry."

"I think i'll go for her tonight, when she slumbers and isn't full of fright...Don't let your guard down, as it will be a very eventful night."

"It is time for us to go again, dear friend...But fear not, as this is not the end...But the very beginning of a tale, oh so full of sin."

*Some ruffling is heard, before the faint beginning of "Mary had a little lamb" is heard, as the transmission slowly fades.*

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*Conner grabs his radio after hearing this transmission*

Hasn't anyone ever told ye that stalkin a girl isn't gonna help you get in her panties?

*Conner puts his radio down in confusion*

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Guest CUDA

The Radio Clicks On

Conner shut your irrelevant ass up.

Conner you fucking fruit hum into the radio some more.

The Radio Clicks Off

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