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[Open Frequency] Radio Nomad

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*Grigori smiles with a bottle of homemade vodka in his hand, it seems that the trip to Zeleno was worth something since he had found this music player, the last component to his foolish but at least fun idea....opening a radio station (one that walks but still sone kind of radio station).

Connecting all the wires he collected with time to the music player he prepared to talk.*

"Well let's start"

With a cough cleaning his throat he starts to speak his voice comes with a slight russian accent.

"Hello people of South Zagoria you may not know me and I am going to present myself, you can call me Boar and I will be your host for this small project of mine and it's called radio Nomad a small thing on which I will put from time to time music, news and just me speaking maybe with some guests who knows...."

He looks towards the hills near Zeleno where he is now

"So to begin we will start as any proper radio station of a country, with it's anthem so this is for all patriots and.....actually you know what this is for everybody out here from the most patriotic of yankees to the most hardcore Chedaki. "


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*Dente sits listing to the music while eating, hearing the first response he laughs a bit, deciding to chime in*

"Err, Not my type of music.. But im always up for a chat or something to listen too.."

*He pauses for a second, repeating his next sentence in his head*

"Oh, now that I think about it... I have some jokes, if you wanted to borrow one or two."

*He laughs awkwardly, shaking his head and ending the transmission*

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Grigori sits on a chair in a house that he entered to scavenge and decided that is time to put on a new transmission for his  "radio". Smiling softly while looking out from the window he presses the transmit button.


Fiddling with some wires Grigori connects them to the music player and after choosing the track he puts it on air.


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*Grigori looks around the house where he was staying and while doing that he was rubbing the bump he got on his head.....that was one hell of a fall, it will make a good and funny story, preparing all he needed he pressed the transmit button*


*Fiddling with his music player he presses the play button.*


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Charles smiled as he listened to the music pouring from the radio. It was one of the more decent musical broadcasts he'd heard in a while. Once there was a pause inbetween songs, he keyed the radio.

"Thank you so much. I've been hoping to listen to some music lately."

He closed his eyes and laid down next to the radio. Today would be one of the better days.

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*Kasey hears the man's news and just listens to the whole transmission walking along a dirt road and speaks*

H-Hey thanks for uh... keeping everyone posted on uh... s-stuff...

heh I don't usually listen to that music but um, I gotta admit i-its catchy...

ha... uh keep it up, I think everyone sh-should know the the haps is these days.

*puts his radio away and keeps walking*

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