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[Open Freq.] The mumbling of a deranged man.

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*A mysterious and eerie voice lay over the radio as the seemingly insane creature begins to talk*

"All day long...we toss and turn, simply watching the world burn...Dusk till dawn we aim to kill, hoping to regain our fill...All sitting on melancholy hill."

"Tune your ears to the grinding gears that parlay inside of my inner sanctum..."

*A muffled scream is heard*

"Hoo hoo hooo...I must go now...I hope you see, that when the clock strikes three...This one must feed."

"I hope to speak with you again, next time maybe, in a life...less full of sin."

*Some ruffles are heard, before the creature begins to say "Hickory...Dickory...Dock...", as another scream is heard before the transmission is cut.*

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*Hannibal listens to the transmission then wipes his hands and clicks on his radio to reply*

"The clock strikes four, and I'm intrigued for more. You feed me words that aren't very slurred, I worsen for more... We watch them bleed but do nothing but feed, to live guaranteed."

*Hannibal clicks off his radio then picks up a bone and starts to lick off the blood that was dripping off of it before placing it over a fire. He sits there watching the meat sizzle and darken as it begins to cook and his mouth waters at the thought of his next meal.*

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