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Open Broadcast Location Unknown

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*walking through the forest barely making a sound she comes upon the remains of what was obviously a robbery gone bad. Pausing for a moment to take in the scene she stands over the body of the dead man, the toe of her boot nudging the hand still clutching a radio, the slight movement putting pressure on the PTT button without her knowledge. The radio begins to faintly transmit, the battery almost dead as a soft voice comes through....*

So this is hell.....

*there is a short pause as rummaging noises can be heard for a moment then an unnatural quiet comes over the transmission, slowly to be taken over by bird song and forest noises before the woman's voice is heard again, abruptly cutting off the forest sounds but is fading as it grows distant*

And hell hath no fury.....

*the voice is no longer heard and the birdsong once again resumes after a short silence. The radio continues to transmit as it lays in the hand of a dead man, unheeded*

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*after the first set of footsteps disappear from the transmission another set of footsteps can be heard only moments later. only this time the steps are much heavier and quicker. almost as if the owner of the steps was giving chase. heavy, ragged breathing is heard through the transmission*

*a quiet almost sinister chuckling is picked up by the radios receiver as the footsteps grow closer*

"I knew she wasn't dead! I knew those sons of bitches were lying to me!"

*the footsteps begin to dim and a maniacal laughter feeds through the transmission as the battery slowly dies*

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*As Ivan leaves Alcyone campus, he hears a familiar voice coming from his radio and freezes. He stands, looking ahead without seeing and listens to the transmission. He trembles and lifts his radio slowly. He presses down on the transmit button and speaks in a soft whisper.*


*The transmission cuts out.*

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-The radio clicks on-

It's been awhile.....

-A long silence can be heard with some faint background noises of birds and a bit of wind when suddenly the voice comes back over the comms-

Welcome to the living, Balota cowboy

-the radio clicks off-

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**Grim is walking along the hills near Elecktro, where he traveled with Marshal yesterday, when he heard this transmission. His breath stills as he listens, and recognizes the voice. For a moment, he stood as still as he could, then he collapsed. This also activated the radio on the vest.**

"Was that her?" asks a tired, weary, but now somewhat hopeful voice.

"No! No it wasn't Emmrich. Just some random static. Now go back to sleep, remember, you are tired, so just go back to sleep." replies a gruff, calm, and cold voice. There was a slight ting of worry in it's tone as well.

"Are you sure Grim? I.... I think that was her."

"No, Emmrich. The fatigue is just getting to you. You are just hearing things. Just go to sleep okay?"

"........ okay."

**The radio is silent for a few moments.**

"Holy hell, that was close..... was that really her though, I wonder?"

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