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About Lore Questions, (please help with application)

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I was accepted into DayZRP about 6 months ago when the old whitelist application was still around. I was not aware that every member would need to renew their whitelist (or something along those lines). It is my fault that this happened for i did not see it coming eventhough i visited DayZRP.com to read the forums. 

Anyway, in my experience in RPing i had never had one instance where the lore became an important role in my RP, i never needed to know the details or even the major events of the RP. When i came back to DayZRP and couldn't get on, i simply told myself, "meh, ill just make another application, it'll be easy! I've already done it before." 

It is anything but easy. I can't get past the lore questions after 5 attempts now. On each attempt i have only missed one question each. I have read the lore over and over and yet i still can't pass. I mess up on questions that i never needed to know from 6 months of RPing, (roughly 100 to 300 hours gametime). Personally, i think it is bogus. 

I dont want to complain however, i simply am saying there seems to be no need for this in depth questioning about the lore. 

Could an admin please help me with the application process? I really need it. I want to be able to play again and have fun in DayZ (public servers are cancer) Thank you. 

(i will conduct a poll just to see how many people think the lore questions are absolutely necessary)

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Hello, if you need help with whitelisting you can either pm a community helper or join the waiting for staff help channel in TS. You can create all the polls you want, but frankly that is a waist of your time. No matter what the process won't change.

With this answer I'll be solving your question.

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