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Leonard Church

Lead me home.[Feedback would be loved]

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Leonard Church was sound asleep as the beeping alarm erupted Alisa Church his daughter began to tug on his arm for him to awake.

[align=left]"Come on daddy.. you are gonna be late for the big airplane"

[align=left]"I am up baby girl, ha you gonna miss me?"

[align=left]"Of course daddy.."

[align=left]*Alisa had a look of discomfort and began to pout a little"

[align=left]"What's wrong baby?"

[align=left]"Arre you gonna to miss m-me."

[align=left]"I will miss you the whole time ok?. Now go get dressed so you can see me off"

[align=left]**The two drove down to the airport were the plane was awaiting take off**

[align=left]"Give me a big kiss, Now you will be safe with aunt Judy ok? I love you baby girl"

[align=left]"Go get the big one ok?"

[align=left]"I will"

[align=left]*Leonard smirked and gave his daughter a kiss goodbye"

[align=left]"Before you leave take teddy he will keep you safe from monsters"

[align=left]*The teddy bear had one eye missing and was worn*

[align=left]*Aunt Judy stood awaiting the girl and look at Leonard remarking*

[align=left]"You have hunted all your life now go and win that tournament!"

[align=left]"Right love you two and thanks!

[align=left]*The plane left and the two were seen waving as the plane took flight dispersing into the clouds*

[align=left]**Leonard held the teddy bear and started dozing off** 

[align=left]"Sir? We are approaching our destination? Sir?"

[align=left]"Huh, yes thank you"

[align=left]The air was foggy as the plane touched down, Leonard had been given directions to the near camp where he would spend the next three months preparing for the event. 

[align=left]"Right this way si..."

[align=left]*Looking backwards a glimpse of a military outfit was approaching, the man was speaking Russian and didn't sound happy*

[align=left]A couple of shots from around the corner broke up the dispute and everyone flooded to where the sound was. Leonard turned the corner to see a man screaming being bitten from behind in the back.

[align=left]"WHAT THE FUCK SIR SIR"

[align=left]*Blood had splatted on Leonard face both from the deranged man and the solider*

[align=left]"GO GET OUT OF HERE ITS NOT SAF..."

[align=left]*Bolting around the corner came a few more deranged people attacking the screaming officer*

[align=left]"A voice trailed inside leonard, Run daddy... RUN!"



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