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Message to The Wolves

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*Standing over Travis's grave clicks on radio*

Dear Wolves it has come to attention that the pointless aggression between us has taken its due course. I believe that we set our differences before there is more blood spilt, there are enough dangers out there already and I am sick of burying friends and allies. I hope that you fellows can see my reasoning and we can all be mutual terms... please for the sake of every one.

*Percivle sits back and ends the transmission*

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*Delfie goes into the cabin after burying Travis, he lays down and speaks*

Wolves, we've seen enough bloodshed, we cannot stand the death of our friends. We've complied to what you ask. we haven't spoken wrong of you. None of your men were killed buy us. We need a resolution. Potentially allies.

Thank you.

*Radio cuts off, Delfie goes to sleep*

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*Dan takes his radio out of his hoodie and starts to think how to choose his words*

Hello ! I understand that you dont like the way we treat you guys ?

*Dan switch over to a very serious tone*

I dont like having guns pointed at me, i dont like to be called names and i dont like disrespect...

But there will always be some rotten appels under the tree right ? 

... The thing is, if you cant pick them up and throw them away, we will, and we do.

*Dan sits back and exhales, then speaks with a relaxed voice*

Its not all of you.... Its just some of you...

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*Delfie picks up his radio abruptly*

Youve taken out one of our men, hurt others, we get it. we want a formal agreement and peace settlement. Please. Living in fear is making life rougher than it already is.

*He throws the radio down, and sits in the dark room, picks himself up and makes hisway outside to farm a bit.*

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*Dan picks up his radio again and starts speaking*

You make us sound like we are monsters, we non of us did anything without good reason...

We are not the bad guys, remember who pointed a gun and yelled 'get the fuck out of here and never come back or we will kill you' 

You guys did that and now we answer your calls, but we do not have any hostile attitude towards you when we meet you.

Today we met and some of you pointed guns at us, others gave us shit with smartass attitudes, we dont appreciate that...

*Growling can be heard*

Its pretty simple, you are nice to me, then i will be nice to you

But if you give me or my family any sorts of threats or bullshit i will give you back.

Aim a gun at me again and i will paint my face with your blood, i will carve your bones and offer them to the gods...

If you will hurt me or my family, i will destroy everything you ever knew of and loved, the air will be filled with smoke and blood.

*A slight laughter can be heard as he says the last sentence*

So its pretty simple, get control over your crazys next time and think of your attitude.

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                 *Percy picks up his radio*

Well I do say it appears that there is no reasoning with some animals you claim innocence when you are the ones with blood on your hands and you sit there and talk about your crazy gods and ideologies. I did not know that wolves where such fragile creatures that just words could upset them.


                     *A sigh can be heard as the radio shuts off*

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*Dan picked his radio up and spoke with an extreme anger in his voice*

First to clarify, it is my gods, not the wolves.

And i find it very disrespectfull of you to call them crazy !

You pointed a gun at me and said you would shoot me, but second time i met you, you gave me as much as you think could help me in pure fear.

Now you point guns again, remember that a wolf have sharp teeths that it can use for survival in the vild nature if necessary.

You started it, and now you are not making it better...

*Growling can be heard as he puts the radio away*

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*Picks up his radio*

I assure you sir I have raised my gun to no man or women anything said by friends of mine have been through fear all we wish is to farm and live without the harassment of a wild pack of dogs. And remember the wilder the mutt the tighter the leash, and there's always a muzzle for those fangs

*He lowers his radio in disappointment*

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*Vit hears the radio Broadcast*

 ha its that funny pumpkin man i know that voice,

*Vit picks up his radio and responds*

Hey Pumpkin man you seem to have your hands full haha, now dont worry about those fake wolves they are more like foxes hiding and only coming out at night then digging through the bins for food. *Vit chuckles* there is a thing you need to know pumpkin man there is only one true pack of wolves out here and that is the Volki.

*you hear in the background a bunch of men chanting*

Glory to Volki and death to their prey  

*Vit still chuckling turns of his radio*

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*Remembering the past, Lewis takes up his radio and responds to the insulting message from the Volki*

I really don't know who you are, Volki man, but need I remind you who backstabbed a friendly group when the going got tough. I don't mean to call you cowards but to backstab and attack a group of survivors helping to rebuild chernarus, which by the way I heard is what many Chernarussians such as yourselves are trying to do, is a cowardly act. You attacked us at night when we thought ties between us were good so to say 'only come out at night and dig through bins' really does not cut us enough slack.

*He pauses for a moment*

Just remember your own actions before you decide to start throwing around the insults. Oh, I'm not referring to the wolves by the way.

*He releases his transmit button*

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Jamie listens to the broadcast all morning while he's sitting up on Stary hill. Noticing only 4 bullets loaded in his Winchester, he digs through his pocket and loads one more. He holds down the transmitter and puts the radio to his mouth.

You must understand why I did such a thing hm? Like Dan said earlier, I do not tolerate having guns shoved in my face. Your friend made a big mistake, which is why I killed his friend. Thats how I operate, kill the people closest to them.

He smiles and thinks back to his Gambler days, remembering what Darion told him.

You wish for.. and alliance? *scoffs* You'd be very lucky to be fucking neutral with us, yet allies.. I suppose we'll have a chat about it. Since it seems like you're begging. How is he doing by the way? It was a silly move to stand in that window. 

Jamie thinks back to what the silly Volki member said, and talks in a very calm tone.

Now, Mr Volki man. You better watch what you say my friend, since you clearly haven't been informed. We are friends.. to a certain extent. And I do not wish to be disrespected over a fucking radio hm? We've been very nice to one another, and I'm sure they would be very upset if one of their puppies tried to change that. Think before you fucking call us fake. 

He slides the radio onto the ground and lets go of the transmitter. 

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*Fed up with the constant radio chatter Jacob gathers up his radio and takes a seat at the base of a tree before transmitting*

*Sigh* I would assume that this is the group known as Town Town? Or something along those lines...

I don't stand much for politics, but as you can tell some of us are easily angered and like to act against those who gave an offence. Sorry about your friend, but from what I heard he pulled a gun out and threatened one of us, which doesn't go unanswered.

*Short pause*

If you want to speak terms, you are best speaking to Mary and Jamie rather than the rest of the pack. I'm sure a meeting could be arranged at a neutral location to discuss the situation.

As for the Volki...just shut the hell up. I have never liked you guys and my opinion of you is unlikely to change. Wolves are wolves. Two packs can only exist in one area if they avoid contact with each other...I suggest that is the course of action we take.

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*Fox grins hearing the threats. He walks outside of the house so he doesn't wake up Lauren and he brings the radio to his lips. He starts to transmit*

"Another one bites the dust"

*he grins and continues*

"Remember last time you started threating us over the radio. We captured your litlle stupid friend Timmy and you came down to talk with us. I thought I made myself clear what I would do with Timmy and your other litlle friends if these threats continued....

*Static for a couple seconds*

"Your friend raised and mouthed of at one of us and we took revenge for that. You should be gratefull that it was only him and not all of you in that cabin."

*He looks at the house to make sure Lauren isn't listening to him and he brings the radio closer to his mouth and whispers*

"You better choose your next words carefully, pumpkindwarf. They might be your last"

*Fox is about to walk in again as he hears the volki guy. he mumbles to himself "volki volki hmmm. I remember it from something.....ah!" he takes his radio again and starts to transmit*

"Mr Volki or something, say hi and thanks to Branko for me will you? He helped me out getting that crazy russian the other day"

*he smirks and walks in to the house*

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*Mary hears a lot of voices on her radio and starts to transmit*

*You can hear a calm female voice*

The starving farmers on the radio again?

*she laughs*

The last time we talked on the radio you did not seem very interested in friendship or even allies.

The day when we had a chat with timmy. He was very polite sitting on the ground munching our food.

If i am correct the last thing you said was something like 'better watch out we have connections too - you will see' . 

What happend little orange Drawfts? Couldn't you find anyone who is willing to help you out?

Now you ask for peace in first place and a second later you call us fragle creatures?

Little farmer there is something you should think about.

Broken bones are stronger for the breaking. 

The danger is in the bending.

*silence for a few seconds*

If you dont understand I am sure one of my people will be willing to show you.

I told you to stay out of the wolves way and what do I hear? Your people raise a gun into the alphas face?

*silence for a few seconds*

I said if you piss me off one more time I will come back and burn your little drawfts village down.

Come on! Convice me, I am listening. What do I get out of a friendship of people that piss me off the whole time. 

Free pumpkins?

*She laughs and turns off the radio*

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*after other members of the Volki hear Vit's message, they shout at him and demand that he apologies to the wolves, Vit picks up his radio and responds.*

I am Sorry i was never informed about our friendship, i was just trying to help pumpkin man there, i like him he dose good for this land. So i aplogies for insulting such a dominant pack such as you.

*Vit puts down the radio , and laughs at the word dominant.*

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*picks up his radio*

I do say all I wanted was peace but it appears that there's no reasoning with the dogs of Cherno, obviously you are too savage to understand peace but it is fine you mutts can just crawl back into the cesspit you call a den we will leave you savages to yourself.

*Percy throws his radio into his backpack as the transmission ends*

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*Blaine is sitting infront of the shipwreck, switching through transmissions. She laughs as she hears the back and forth transmissions between the pumpkin people and the wolves. She pushes down the radio and talks in a very calm and threatening tone*

Now now, who do we have here again? I tell you what, pumpkinheads... Carve me some for halloween and we are talking...

*She looks at Viktor confused*

When's halloween?

*A quiet mumbling is heard from the background*

Yes, Captain.... It's those pumpkin weirdos again....

*A loud laughter can be heard coming from distance followed by a lot of russian mumbling*

*Blaine continues*

Jokes aside... You guys are really annoying me... You seem to be so big over the radio, yet when we meet you you shit yourselves.. 

Now Listen to me... I tolerate the wolves.. they have my back.. Try harming one of them and I will paint a picture of a jolly roger with your blood

*She laughs*

I hope we understand eachother.

*Blaine releases the button, puts the radio aside, then takes out a can of bacon and opens it, complaining about the pumpkin people to Viktor*

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*picks up his radio*

I do say all I wanted was peace but it appears that there's no reasoning with the dogs of Cherno, obviously you are too savage to understand peace but it is fine you mutts can just crawl back into the cesspit you call a den we will leave you savages to yourself.

*Percy throws his radio into his backpack as the transmission ends*

*Mary picks up her radio again and starts to transmit*

*she sounds mad*

I asked you for a reason for friendship -  for peace!

This is your fucking answer to this?

Well then it seems like you have already decided what will happen to your people, little orange Drawft.

See you soon.

*Mary turns off the radio*

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*Dan hold his radio up and speaks into it*

I have already decided what is going to happen, and i look forward to the day.

I will have my way with mr big mouth, the one who has done nothing else than  point guns at me, theaten my life, and throw shit at me...

Next time i meet you, you will completely understand, ill make sure to have a very....Mature conversation with you...

*Dan mumbles before he turns the radio off*

It will not be for kids...

*Radio cuts off*

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*Delfie turns on his radio after hearing Percy's voice*


Percy if that's you listen. I was down at the shore I'm coming up. It's been a while. I'm so glad to hear your well and alive. I ran into a man Clay who is looking for you. Quite an aggressive man. And to the volki.

*he puts the radio in his bag, leaving it on for an hour or so*

*in a tone that induces posotivity*

Well, I've come. Can't find ya Percy but I see a man dead in this cabin. He had an armband of orange in him. I know this was one of your friends.

Wolves; you shoot men because they raise a gun at you. An action like that shows how fearful you men are. You are anything but tough. A tough man works with words not with bullets. It's not  necessary mate.

Volki. If you wish to help. Please do. These wolves are a force. We are nothing but farmers. Then again I'm not too sure of the whole situation.

Percy. I'll be looking for you.

Stay safe brother.

*tansmission ends*

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*Jason listens to the pumpkin farmer he finds out a plan and replies*

You sure do talk alot of trash don't you?

next time we will meet i will make sure you will not be able to...

*he turns off the radio, he takes his knife out of his boot and talks to himself*

I hope you're tounge likes the taste of bloody steel.

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*Merik hears this over the radio*

And who are you? The wolves have been friends to us, they are good people from what I have experienced. Whatever you have done to piss them off, have you brought it on yourself? Volki will do nothing until this situation develops further.

*Merik sets down his handset*

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*Merik hears this over the radio*

And who are you? The wolves have been friends to us, they are good people from what I have experienced. Whatever you have done to piss them off, have you brought it on yourself? Volki will do nothing until this situation develops further.

*Merik sets down his handset*

*Jason smiles after he hears Merik out he replies*

THE MAN has spoken...couldn't have done it better myself.

*he turns off his radio,..but after hearing merik's transmission he lifts up his left sleeve revealing  a burnscar from

a hot knife he says* Well....its weird how people that hurt you, sometimes just become your friends...anyways i like the scar i am not complaining.

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*Zoja takes out her radio and smiles as she holds down the transmitter*

I do have to say, i really like pumpkins. My friends know that for sure, but come on. You really think some random girl in a tower who likes pumpkins is trust worthy? I think you guys should reassess who you deem as friendly because next time, i wont be by your side, telling them when to shoot. I will be the one planting bullets in your heads. Oh, and thanks for convincing your friend i had nothing to do with the shooter, gave me a great opportunity to pack up and leave. I would be more specific on who told me but i cant for the life of me remember his name. He loved singing though, seemed a bit unreliable, trusting me the moment i said i enjoy eating pumpkins. Said he was the leader too. I would say watch your backs. but you would be surrounded, so that isn't very much use. *Pauses* By the way, next time one of you get shot, try not to get your blood on my jacket, that really sucked.

*releases the transmitter and slides radio back into pocket*

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