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Leaving for now

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Well then.. I never thought that this day would come, or at least not within the close future but I am hereby taking my leave from this community. When I joined the community back in March 2014, I had so much fun... The days of rolling with The Unnamed really set the standard for my RP in the future. Once the mod died and the community moved over to SA, I tried to adapt but I just couldn´t have as much fun... I have been in some great groups, both in the mod and SA, and I would like to thank everyone that ever let me in to their groups. 

I have made some great friends here and I even met up with one of those friends in real life. You all know who you are and I am not gonna sit here and make a list of people because I would probably forget someone and then they would get mad at me or something.... This community means so much to me and it brought me trough a lot of bad stuff in my life. This community will always have a special place in my heart. 

Who knows.. Maybe I will be back in the future.. But for now I will leave you all with a simple goodbye!

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Cya later bud!

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You aren't allowed to leave. I refuse to let you leave this community. You can't do this to me Mark I thought we had something special? :(

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