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Sylvester Todd

Uknown Frequency [Open Broadcast]

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*Matisse picks up his radio, confused by all the noise. He speaks with a deep african accent.*

What the fuck is this? Don't be playing that stupid shit over the radio again, next time I find you, I slap you y'know."

*He then turns off his radio, slightly annoyed by the disturbance*

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*Cahir hears his radio while watching his hostage tied to a tree and pauses to scare his hostage*

*Clicks on radio*

*Dark Irish accent* Ooohhhh, beautiful... 

*A soft cry for help is heard*

*Clicks off radio*

*Cahir smiles at his hostage before raising his sledgehammer and smashing down on the hostage's hand*

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*Logan looks down at his radio, the tune of a cartoon that he remembered from the few episodes he did see comes through the radio. He then looks up at Grubbs and Max, who are sitting with him around a campfire.*

Well, I guess that answers the question of if weird shit is still getting broadcasted on the radio. I could only assume that the origin of the broadcast is either near us, or that if it can reach up this far out, then it may be strong enough to send a signal for help outside the border.

*The song cuts off and Logan swaps his radio out for his map. He looks back at Grubbs and Max.*

So, lets start planning our next destination.

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*Parker takes a drag from his cigarette exhaling then begins running through different frequencies on his radio searching for something to listen to then the song plays and the cigarette falls out of his mouth and he turns up the radio smiling and laughing.*

"I knew you would return old friend, I have been waiting a long time my brother."

*Places down the radio listening to whats left of the message then looks around in his backpack taking out his old dusty scratched up clown mask, he then picks up the cigarette takes one last drag and puts it out and begins to find his long lost friend.*

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