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[ALL FREQUENCIES] Running out of time. (Part 2)

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*Vel'ky wakes up in his truck. The windshield is cracked with drops of blood all over the dashboard and windows. The truck is in a ditch on the side of the road. Vel'ky sits up in the seat and grabs a rag from the glove box. He positions the rear view mirror so he can see his face. He pour some water from his canteen on the rag and wipes the blood from his face, revealing a few minor cuts. Vel'ky looks around fore clues on what happened. He can't remember much about where he is or how her got in the ditch. He struggles with the seatbelt and unbuckles it. He opens the door and steps out. As he surveys the area, he sees that he drove off the road about 10 meters. As he looks at his truck. He sees a few scratches on the front of his truck. He walks around to the front of the truck and sees a decaying arm in the grill. As he looks around he sees no sign of a body. He puts on some gloves and removes the arm from the grill. He walks back around to the side of the truck and hops back in. He pulls his radio from his back pack.*

"Hello. This is Dr. Vel'ky Lakar. As some of you may know. I have left Chernarus and practically abandoned the vaccine to look for my family before I die. My symptoms may be getting worse. I think I may have blacked out while driving and I have no idea where I am."

*Vel'ky pauses to drink some water from his canteen*

"I fear I may not be able to make it. Not only may I not be able to find my family. If I don't, that means that I abandoned the vaccine to do something and fail at that as well. It might just be a good idea to put a gun up to my head and just kill myself. That way, I would at least do the world a favor of not becoming one of those brainless fucks. 

*Vel'ky pauses. He begins breathing heavily*

"I... I just need... to..."

*Vel'ky's hand drops the radio and lays back in his chair, unconscious*

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