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The begginings of Aiden Thorne chapter 1

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Aidicon184    17

this is my first story, for dayzrp, any advice is appreciated. thanks :)

Chapter one: The suns light

The light seeped though the crack in the curtains on my face, I could feel the warmth of the sun, it felt like everything was alright... but I knew this was a lie. I relaxed and fell back into my sleep undisturbed.


U.K 2014 13:24pm

"your gonna be late for work!" my eyes adjusted from my slumber "Aiden get the hell up!" I could her shouting at me again it made me chuckle as I got out from my bed. "I swear to god, honey if your not in her in five sec..." I walked in as she was about to finish, I decided I should probably start with "morning", she frowned "morning? its one pm your are so gonna be late for work". I paused and looked at her, my wife Charlie 8 months pregnant with our baby, I spoke "honey I don't work for S.M.T anymore", she gazed at me confused and then she remembered, I could tell by her face " you got called back into action again" she went silent looking at me "its no big thing, just some riots in some country by the green sea, I will be ok I am with my team again". she smiled at me "you and your suicide squad", I had to smile back it would comfort her, I am not idiot I could tell I  was walking into a shitstorm. " yeah its nothing I will be back for the baby and everything in no time, plus the money will help us out", she hugged me digging her face into my shoulder holding me tight, I held her like she did me. after we talked about the day and I headed into the bathroom and looked at the calendar, "5 more days" I felt like I always did before going into service, like I was waiting for my death. I continued to shave and tidy myself, I got dressed into some jeans and a simple top. "I am heading out to see Ben, mike and Johnson", she kissed me as I headed out the door and got into my truck, my grin emerged as I got into my darling 1992  Ford F-250 truck or "Darla" as I call her, my foot pressed on the gas pedal until the engine was roaring.

the roads were empty, "must be that flu that's going around" I told myself, I pulled up into mikes driveway looking at the house still in a state. I walked around the back and knocked on the back door, "its me mike, open up" I called whilst waiting. a middle aged man about 34 covered in scars and tattoos, he was big, the kind of man that if your could see was coming for you, you would turn around and run like the wind." nice to see you man" his dark voice muttered " come in ". I followed him into the lounge where a LMG was resting on the table, parts of the gun and ammo laying neatly on the coffee table, he always liked the guns that could spray so many bullets at once it looked like thunder being thrown at some one " does the royal marines know you took a toy again?". he turned around, he was sadder than I can remember "maybe, it doesn't matter" he grumbled, I paused and thought wisely of my words "what's up mate?, has something happened?". he swallowed before speaking in a deep tone " its over Thorne, its the end", I rested against the doorframe and spoke "what the hell you on about?", he looked down and smiled, He doesn't smile that Much I thought only when he is uneasy about something. he proceeded to let out a small chuckle that proceeded into a full fit of hysteria, his laughing seemed endless. then he went deadly silent within a second, so fast his last laugh cut air," its the end of it all, me, you the whole  fucking world, the days of the end are here".

I knew what he meant instantly "did you read the debriefing papers?" he asked me, I replied "yeah, riots, believed chemical mutations, the dead not staying dead". he sat on the floor against the wall and pulled out a bottle of old whiskey from the cabinet next to where he was sat, " I was saving this for the day we all left, and went our separate ways". I looked at the old bottle with half of the whiskey left " yeah I remember, Iraq just before we got blown up to shit" he smiled again " how many did we lose with that I.E.D?", I can remember the sound smashing the windows, the Humvees being sent flying with us inside, me crawling out from the wreckage finding my Brother lying in the sand covered in his own blood, begging me to make the pain stop. " eighteen" I managed to say from being bombarded by the memories of war. "Adam, Saul, Paul, Jack, Harley, Vince, Ben and ...Tim" he said so few when there was so many more that died that day, the last name Tim my brother who died from a I.E.D 3 days before we were going to get sent home, his memory was the most heaviest to bear. "so where are we heading this time?" I asked hoping it wasn't a desert this time, " Chernarus, some old soviet country, there was a conflict there in 09". I remember the reports of the conflict, but not much else. "there country is getting ripped apart by these so called riots, The CDF is getting torn apart and were going in". we looked at each other and both sighed, we sat talking for a while he said he was gonna be busy for a couple so I wouldn't see him until we are shipping out. I worried for him, He is but a shadow of who he was before we went though so many tours and missions, each kill chipping away at him like it did all of us.

the next 2 days went by quickly due to all the family saying goodbye and friends wishing me a safe journey, I was standing in a queue in a coffee shop with mike when my phone rang. I was a unknown number so I answered out of curiosity. he heart dropped as I heard the words and after the sentence was finished I felt the seconds go by a slow as they were. I walked into the hospital my heart as heavy as cement in my chest. The doctor spoke the words with a look of sorrow " she was in a traffic accident, from what we can tell she fell into labour when driving and lost control", Mike was there he heard the words as clear as I did, I knew what words I wanted to hear "the baby?" I managed to ask in my cold state the doctor looked at me in sorrow, I didn't need to hear the words I felt them go though me, chipping away like a kill in duty would, its chipped so much that now there's nothing left I went silent and proceeded to sit on the seat nearby the doctor left after apologizing for my loss, and mike sat next to me trying to help he knew my pain, I had nothing, I needed purpose, I needed chernarus.


the curtain let to much light in, it awoke me ,I could hear them outside again the undead roaming the streets ever observant for the living, if only they looked in a mirror and realized what they once were, I knew that was impossible. I stood out of the bed and gazed out though the crack in the curtains, the streets and sky stood still and devoid of all life, This is my life in chernarus to watch the world die and suffer.

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