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New Character Question

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I've started a new Character IG, although with my strong Irish accent people will probably recognise me. Can my new Character say that he's related to Rudolf (my previous character)?

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Sure I mean if he is like rudolf's brother why not? As long as he knows him without metagaming I see no reason why not.

But if your main fear is to get recognized as Rudolf wouldn't it be better to step away from him and just say you don't know a rudolf if you are asked.

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If you use a different name in game you are a total different characther.

There is no way people would legitmate claim you ae Rudolf when you are using a different name in game.

If they do so, they would break the metagaming rules.

Even if your voice is recognizable, you are still portraying a different characther if you use a different name in game.

Therefor no actions can be taken against you because of your previous characther.

It would be a different story if you would still use the "Rudolf Nosnibor" as name and state in voice your name is "Xavier Waterslaegers".

The name that is portrayed on the servers list is the characther you portray.

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Just to be safe I'll just go with not knowing Rudolf. He'll be back at some point though lol.

Cheers for the quick replies.

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Glad we could be of service.

Good luck with your new characther!


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