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The Backstory of Raymond and Tyler Dwight

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Raymond Dwight was an average honest guy changed by the harsh world which he was thrown into.  Before the outbreak Raymond had a wife only to have her taken by a group of bandits never to be seen again. Raymond stayed as a "lone Wolf" more for the reasons he could not trust other individuals. As time went on Raymond moved from group to group just to try to survive what is left of the world. Each group he entered slowly deteriorated into physical fights and disputes that ultimately lead to murders and the separations of the groups.

Raymond knows that somewhere out there are the bandits that tore his life apart. He was forever scarred by the harsh acts and environment in which he was tossed into. The past did nothing but strengthen him for what was to come. Raymond was a good asset to any group that he was in as long as there was mutual trust among everyone but as this world taught him, that trust is earned not given.

Raymond found himself involved with the group named "The Masquerade." A group full of psychopaths looking to have a good time based on their own "reality" weather it start as hurting others, to hosting game shows with various prizes, or life changing wounds. It was a different experience for Raymond but he appeared to fit right in. But Raymond's end came the day of the big war at the Prison island between the second confrontation of The Masquerade and The Regulators.

After Raymond's Death The Masquerade went searching for Raymond's Brother that he mentioned many times on adventures. They knew if Raymond was right about his brother Tyler he would be a very useful asset to the group. That is where Tyler Dwight comes in. Tyler is the younger brother to Raymond only by two years. To know where Tyler came into this story with the Masquerade you had to know the story of Raymond.

Tyler lived in the town by the name of Tisy he liked the more rural areas in which he could hunt and practice his marksman skills. He didn't talk with Raymond as much as he liked because they lived on near opposite sides of Chernarus. Raymond enjoyed the areas closer to the water which wasn't an enjoyment for Tyler. Tyler lived on his own as he wasn't much of a people person he found trust was hard to come by which was pretty much the same ideal that Raymond went by.

Down the road when The Masquerade contacted Tyler they told him of the tails of his older brother, the ups and downs in the group and what to expect. Tyler instantly took to the idea of avenging his brother, in some way he was determined to find the exact person who killed his brother. He knew this was the group that would help him find that person Tyler quickly accepted a position in the Masquerade. Upon his acceptance into the group he was presented with his brothers old mask that Raymond wore in the stories he was told. Time went on and members were killed or moved on from the group Tyler along with several others split up and roamed around trying to settle wherever they chose to survive alone always having contact with the remaining group members. Life continued on as it did before Raymond's death but Tyler is also waiting, he is waiting for that radio chatter because he knows the men in the masks will be back......

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