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Rest In Peace Brother.

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*Lukas sits beside Novy church staring at his brothers head. His brothers around him all sitting quietly. Lukas takes one more look at Claytons head before raising his radio.*

I'm not going to sit here and rant on about who killed my brother and why . There probably is a long list of reasons why this happened. 

JUST KNOW. You have 24hrs to own up. Otherwise when I find you I will kill you all. Much worse then you did to my brother.

Don't hide. If your big enough to kill YOUR BIG ENOUGH TO OWN UP TO IT.

Rest Now Clayton

*Lukas places his radio on the ground in front of him and waits. He takes a look at his brothers and says two words. 

"It's Began" 

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*Cahir listens as him and his fellow men laugh*

"That's cute. Someone killed your brother? *laughs* I didn't see that coming!"

*Cahir clicks off his radio as he continues to laugh with his men*

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*Kaiden hears a voice mention Clayton, so he decides to talk with them*

"Poor Clayton. He will be missed dearly. Especially from Vekktoria. May he rest in peace. I am sure their are a lot of people that miss him. I remember helping him when he was in need of assistance. I hope he found peace before his end."

*He releases the talk button and sits there grinning*

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