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Guest DarkMiner2013

Hello DayZRP Community I'm...

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Guest DarkMiner2013

Hello DayZRP Community! I am DarkMiner but you can call me Markus - I joined this wonderful community yesterday and boy am I glad I did, such friendly staff - the members are all friendly too I love it, they help you if you need help. (I should say...You help ;) ) Anyways, enough of my rambling.

I live in QLD Australia, with wireless net so my ping is a bit of a pain getting a cord soon so I don't randomly get D/Ced from this wonderful server.

Hope to see you all around. :)

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Hey, welcome to the server!

Thanks for saying staff is friendly :D and yes, we have a nice community!

Make sure to always treat your fellow players like you'd want to be treated.

If you ever need any help, feel free to ask me or anyone else in the staff! (or pretty much anyone in the community, as you stated)

Good luck for your application (if you weren't already accepted?). I hope you'll enjoy your stay!

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