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Nikolai B.

Kazimir Meshuga - Feeding the masses.

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A new regular guest at the TP. This one brings goods. While poor at communicating with others, this one likes to see them fed.

Kazimir was a hunter since childhood. When the infected appeared, he saw no reason why anything should change in his life. He always saw the general population of Chernarus somewhat infected as they were, even before the whole thing. Infected with modernity, corruption.

It is only when the living became very few, that Kazimir had come to appreciate other people. He now dedicates most of his time to see that the survivors of Chernarus are well fed, by hunting, gathering, and giving to whoever he meets and is in need.

The sad thing is, Kazimir is a horrible cook. Most of the time, he burns the meat. Kazimir will be looking for a person with cooking skills to make meals out of various combinations of food products.

Kazimir unfortunately, is not so creative.

//For now, this is my new character. It's brief, I know, but I do not have much time these days an I will develop it as I play. My main goal is for him to be very much shaped and influenced by the experiences ingame, rather than his background entirely.

//It has dawned upon me, too many characters on this server are multi-skilled. I am aiming to try and play a character that's very specialized in one thing, and is clueless about most other things, making his survival dependent on player interactions.

//Kazimir will be hanging around TP and going out on hunting missions, bringing back to TP as much food as he can and stockpile it or distribute it to anyone present at the time.

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Guest Demarcus King

//My point EXACTLY! Too many characters are multi skilled. "I'm a great doctor, great hunter, cook even. Did I mention I'm a sharpshooter?"

Be a unique character! Or go through character development!

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