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Guest ItsSum


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Guest ItsSum

Hey guys just joined and wanted say hello and introduce myself!

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Welcome ItsSum !

Make sure to read the rules, of ypu have any issues or questions, feel free to contact me or any orther staff member !

See you in game,

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Welcome to DayZRP!

Make sure you have read through the rules, and if you have any questions about them this thread can be useful!

Keep in mind that this is a role-playing server so if you feel like sharing your backstory with the rest of the community check out the role-playing section. If your characters playstyle would be best fitting in a group or clan you could always go to the clan forum and have a little peak. A complete list of the clans can be found here.

If you would happen to stumble upon any rule-breakers then you might want to report them, but remember that in most of the cases it is often a reason as to why it happened, so you might want to start it of as a discussion. If it's your first time making a report then make sure you find the format that should be used for all reports.

Enjoy your stay!

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