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Guest Nikolai E. B.

Not receiving emails from DayzRP

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Guest Nikolai E. B.


I am known on these forums as Esteban, or F. Rubanenko.

I have recently requested a name change to Nikolai B.

The name was changed, however, from that moment forth, i have been unable to retrieve my password. The emails from dayzRP seem to not be arriving at my mailbox.

I have asked Goz for help, and he said he does not have the correct access level to change my email address.

Livs tried to help also, but I was called to resume working in the midst of our troubleshooting session on IRC.

I really want to resume my activity on the forums, but am unable.

I have started this new forum account just to be able to post this problem here.

Should I just drop the whole thing and re-white list with this new forum account? That would really suck :(

Thanks in advance,


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The only person who can probably change your email adress must be Rolle, send him a PM that explain the problem.

If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to ask !


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I'll send a new password to the registered email.

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Thank you very much.

The Account Nikolai B. Now works fine.

Please feel free to terminate the account named Nikolai E. B.

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