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My eventful day on RP2 Taviana.

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So ..... After literally HOURS and HOURS of running around looting the Northern Island I managed to find myself a tractor. Then, I find a heli crash with about 5 high tier weapons and plenty of ammo high up on a mountain. I stick them all in the tractor which takes me about another 30 mins (tractor was at the bottom of the mountain, heli crash was 3/4 of the way up) and make my way across the big bridge.

On the other side of the bridge I see a Ural parked in the little parking bay thingy. Surely that needs fixing, I think to myself. I run up, jump in the drivers seat and to my surprise, all green and full of fuel! Awesome. I grab as much as I can carry for the first load from the tractor, access the gear on the Ural and what do you know? IT'S FULL OF WEAPONS, AMMO, FOOD, BLOOD .... EVERYTHING!

So I transfer the rest of the tractors contents to the Ural then proceed to find a good hiding spot for it so I can log out. I find a spot on top of a mountain, park the Ural behind a massive rock surrounded by trees and get out ready to log off.

Then I noticed the massive city and thought I'll test out the scope on this rifle, just to see how far I can zoom in, so I climb another rock and scope in on the city.

After about 5 mins of looking around, I see it. There, in the centre of the town is a huey! Holy shit, thinks I! I better run down there and see what it needs. I take a single jerry can because that is all that I had and run down. I go full speed, dodging zombies in my haste to get to it. I reach the heli, climb in and everything is green, except the fuel. It's bone dry. Hmmmmm. 20 litres of fuel in a 1000 litre tank isn't going to get me far.

There is a fuel station 2 blocks away so I empty the jerry can into the huey, start it up, make the sign of the cross on my chest and when it gets up to speed, lift off, rise above the buildings and head straight for the fuel station freaking out the whole time thinking I am going to fall out of the sky and die.

I make it! Hovering over the fuel station I watch the fuel gauge slowly climb as it's filling. WOOHOO! When it's full, I fly back up the the Ural and plan on putting as much stuff as the heli can hold then flying out to the little island in the far Northwest and pitching some tents to put the gear in.

I land as close to the Ural as I can manage. Once landed and powered down, I thought I might just fly out to the island FIRST and see what the go is. So I set the GPS, fire her up and start my liftoff ....

..... when the tailrotor clips a pine tree sending me into a stupidly fast tailspin, straight into the massive rock that the ural is parked next too and exploding, killing me.

So, I respawn at Boye and think thats not far from the bridge! I can run to the tractor, take it to the Ural and at least have that!

So I run to the tractor!

And drive to the Ural!

Only to discover that both it and the chopper are in a fiery wreck with nothing left.

TL;DR : I'm an idiot. I need to stahp flying and stick to driving.

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Nice !

Maybe I should try RP2 more often ! I also prefer cars over choppers heheh

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Guest Approved

Sounds like you had a good run. I'd stick to driving in RP2 ;) no road wrecks

Agreed. Sounds like a fun time to me :P I found a humvee with a load of guns with Ep just the other night. That map is loads of fun :)

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