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Jonas Karlvik

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Jonas Karlvik, 42nd Infantry Brigade, 2nd Battalion, Mercian Regiment.

Before Jonas was born, his parents immigrated to the UK. They lived in Sweden but when Jonas father got a job opportunity in the UK, they moved there. They settled in Chester and after a couple of years, Jonas was born. Growing up, Jonas was quite a trouble maker. In his teens, he would start stealing and, although he never got caught, there were many close calls. In school, Jonas was an average student. He would go to class, and do the best he could. The trouble making always stayed outside his school life.

A few years would pass, and after he had left school, he got in to worse trouble. The trouble went from petty stealing, to scamming and even sometimes breakins. He would still never get caught. 

When he had grown up to his 20´s, his father suddenly died in a car accident. That made him realise what kind of shit he was doing. Life was to short to waste it on stealing and commiting crimes. What would happen if he got caught, or even killed? He wanted to do good by his crimes, so he joined The Armed Forces. He went trough basic training in 2009, and got stationed at Dale Barracks, Chester, with the 2nd Battalion, Mercian Regiment. 

He would end up going on one tour to Afghanistan in 2010. During the tour, he would see some combat but never enough to get him promoted or get any honorable medals.

Everything was calm for a few years, and then the outbreak started. He would be stationed in South Zargoria with the small band of British soldiers that was sent there with the UN.

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