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Jack the Ripper

To Alyssa Morgan (Secure Frequency)

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*Ivan sits in the hills overlooking Dolina, examining the town with his singular eye. He frowns as he raises the radio to his mouth. His voice is sharp and bitter*

"Alyssa. You know who this is, and I think you can guess why I've decided to contact you. Our last meeting was.... tense, to say the least. A great many things were discussed, but according to the information, or 'rumors' rather, that I have been hearing as of late.... we still have a great deal more to talk about.

There are certain issues that still need to be resolved, and though you may be a busy woman, I must stress that these issues need to be resolved SOON, while it is still me you're talking to, and not.... HIM.

You know me to be a man of conviction, but also a man of honesty. I wish to meet at the place we last spoke. I wish to meet alone, with no intent to harm. You know where to go."

*Ivan lowers his radio and walks away from the town*

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Still half asleep, groggy and lightheaded from the night before, Michael is suddenly awoken by the radio in Alyssa's bag suddenly blaring alive. His face is dripping with sweat and his eyes shifting side to side in a panic; "Another one..." Michael thought to himself before turning his attention to the noise coming from the bag. He carefully and quietly moves over to the bag and easily finds the radio and muffles the speaker, gently carrying it out of the room and outside. The cold wind blowing at his chest and the grass between his toes made him relax a bit, even if a mad man was rambling through the device in his still sore hand.

Michael listens carefully to Ivan's final words, smirking a bit before lifting the radio to his lips, holding down the transmit button, and uttering only a single sentence of words.

"I can't let you do this Ivan."

With that he clicks the radio off and returns back inside, placing Alyssa's radio back into her bag where he found it and curls back into the bed, trying to shake off these feelings and return to his slumber.

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*Ivan sits in the house he last spoke to them, holding his radio between both hands. Upon hearing Mickeys voice, his grip tightens, hurt and confusion flash across his face for the briefest of moments. "So the rumors are true" He whispers. Bracing himself he addresses Alyssa's response*

"I do, but I will not speak of such matters unless it is face to face. It is not a matter of speaking it is a matter of proving a point; a point of trust.

Do you really trust me, Alyssa?

Remember what you asked of me? When you asked me to hunt that 'Snake' down and cut off his ear?"

*Ivan's face twists into a snarl, he speaks deeply, through gritted teeth, his voice raspy with a hint of malevolence*

"And now.... while you're off 'playing doctor' with a psychopath, who's the one trying to hunt down the people who broke Dora? Who's been trying to protect Thomas and Amy since that SLIME first set his eyes on him?....

*He pauses briefly, his next words are softer, almost a whisper, but the tears can be heard in his voice*

"Do you even know what happened to Dora? Do you even care?"

*Jack's frown twists until the damaged side of his face begins to bleed with the tension. Letting out and frustrated yell he throws the radio at the wall, causing the batteries to bounce out of the device.

Jack sits there panting, trembling with emotion. After a long while he walks over and picks up the radio, pushing the batteries back in. He clicks on the talk button. His words are soft, full of hurt*

"You still know where to find me."

*He clicks off the talk button and sets the radio on the shelf gently*

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After hearing Ivan's reply and letting Alyssa say her words Michael tries to calm himself, trying to not let Ivan get the better of him, but his mention of trying to "help" the kids kept playing in Michael's head. He soon looks up and takes the radio from Alyssa, pressing down on the transmit button, he begins to speak in a very stern and direct tone.

"Ivan. Shut up. Just, Shut up."

There is a slight pause before Michael's voice picks up again, his voice raised slightly higher this time.

"You don't have any fucking idea what I'm doing and how I'm putting everything on the line to help these kids. I don't need you lying to us by saying you're doing the exact same. You're not, and you never have been. You've been constantly keeping them sheltered and unprepared for the world around them. I may have been strict in the past, and while my methods have slightly changed I will not stop in my pursuit of making sure they will survive. 

Even now when the worst threat Miss Amelia has ever had looms in the near distance, you sit here and accuse us of being at fault? You... have the god damn nerve to try and guilt trip Alyssa with Dora? You've lost it Ivan and someone needs to help you, but I'm not sure that person is me."

The radio goes silent for a moment, before Michael's voice is barely heard again, his words hard to make out.

"Why must I fight against all my old friends? God dammit..."

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*Jacks eye widens rage as he hears Mickey, he grips the edge of the shelf with his free hand, his knuckles turning white*

"Ivan has been doing FAR more for those kids than you ever could. He may be deluded, but he's trying to give them something beyond basic survival skills: The chance to actually HAVE a childhood in this sick, twisted world. There is only so much one person can do when so many of these demented COWARDS go after young children, though.

They may not be so innocent, just like people are beginning to think - and trust me, I've SEEN what Thomas can do - But that doesn't mean they should be condemned to TORTURE and threats of DEATH every single time they come across somebody. And if your method of helping is capturing and psychologically scarring them, then YOU are the one who needs help.

But I'm not delusional like Ivan. The only thing that's going to fix FILTH like you is a hole in the head."

*There is an audible struggle heard through the radio, as if Jack is wrestling with something painfully. When he does speak again, his voice is softer*

"You know me Alyssa. I don't trust anybody. I'm a Crow. Always will be. And I learnt very recently that even the people I hold closest can turn against me. When Slade had that gun aimed at my head.... I knew that someone like.... like he and I... can't trust anyone."

*There is silence for a while, as Ivan turns over the radio in his hands*

"I may have a lead on Dora's attacker.... Over the radio I heard the name Blade mentioned. Last night at Dolina I heard a man speaking.... had a strange way of viewing things, particularly women and children.... When he left I started asking around.... Someone mentioned the name Blade, but the man had also been refereed to as Rose.

Not hard evidence but enough to warrant further investigation."

*Jacks harsh tone creeps back into the transmission*

"I just hope you don't try to spare this monster as well Alyssa."

*The radio goes silent for a while, before murmuring can be heard. A new voice rises, barely a whisper. It is obviously from Ivan's lips.... but there is something different about it.... something.... off*

"This world was made for people like us Mickey.... People like us"

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