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Purple Eyes (Redone to release in smaller parts)

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Purple Eyes

Vela Zhirinovsky

CDF (deserter or Survivor?)

Chapter 1

(Note he is not going to be a saint or Pure hero)


In a forest at night running between the trees is a man who is running for his life. He is casting frantic looks behind him looking for his pursuer then he see's the man who is following him. Behind is a man who walks calmly and holds an Ak rifle calmly and familiarly. the pursuer was wearing a hood that covered his face in shadows, but the man can still feel the eyes watching him as if he's looking at an insect under his shoe. the man turned and continued to run for his life. The man hadn't even had a chance to grab a weapon when the camp he and some of his mates had been laughing and drinking around a fire getting ready to settle in for the night. Until the first crack of gunfire, which had taken the first victims life and the man had lost the nerve to fight had fled with nothing but a knife strapped to his leg. The man continued to run until with he felt something catch his ankle and he collapsed onto the cold forest floor on a rise which lead toward the edge of a river. real fear gripped the man now as he felt pain bloom up his leg from his ankle he rolled over trying to reach for his knife. Drawing his knife the man turned around to confront his attack only to feel a boot connect with his chest and send him tumbling down down the towards the river. stopping short of the river the man clutched his chest as he felt pain bloom. only when he heard the footsteps stop did he turn to the pursuer who had stopped and picked up the knife the man had dropped when he was kicked. the man desperate now screamed at the pursuer 

"what do you want?"

the pursuer stopped 10 meters from the man and cradled the rifle familiarly and then in a voice that sounded like the answer was obvious

"you don't know?"

"what the fuck are you talking about!"

"think of the reason, do i have to do everything for you?"

"the hell are you talking about?"

"It doesn't matter now"

"what? no please let me go, I haven't done anything"

"nothing? you don't count killing people as something to mention"

"Please, Please I swear I haven't done anything"

"I was there, watching the whole thing"

"what? I mean we robbed some people sure but I'm sure you got the wrong people"

The pursuer shook his head and then reached behind him to throw something at the mans feet. The man studied them for a few seconds realising that he was looking at bullet casings, but not ordinary ones they all had an X scratched onto them, Like the ones he and his friends had marked on there ammo. Then the realisation dawned on him.

"No No I swear, didn't want to please spare me!"

"Im sure thats why they said as well"

"Why? Why do you care?"

"because one the younger ones was called Irina"

"What? what does that have to do with anything?"

"It wont matter if I tell you or not"


The last words of a man who had been surviving in a world which had gone crazy was cut off but a single shot. As the man lay there as the last his life left him he saw the pursuer looking down on him and his hood had fallen, the last thought he had before he slipped away was

Why are his eyes are purple?


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Damn Gunner, some long story you have hear, dont think you need anyone's advice on this, good job!

Yeah I went overboard but Im not gonna start to release the other parts separately now

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Sweet! I like this as a quote " The last words of a man who had been surviving in a world which had gone crazy was cut off by a single shot. "

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Sweet! I like this as a quote " The last words of a man who had been surviving in a world which had gone crazy was cut off by a single shot. "

thanks for that i think it was just a little smart line to throw in though

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chapter 2

1995: Ethnic tensions between Chernarussians and Ethnic Russians gives birth to the National Party of Chernarus (NAPA)

(4 yrs old)

Vela was born to a foreign mother and a Chernarussian father. Vela was only 4 when when the tensions started to rise, which worried his mother and father as they all they wanted to do was live a normal life. But the father and mother were foolish as they believed if they stayed neutral nothing bad would happen to the family and there little Vela would be safe.

How naive.....

1997: NAPA and a Russian separatist movement begin a civil war

Part 1

(6 yrs old)

both of Vela's parents are both killed in the fighting with vela being hated as a "bastard". His neighbours hated him and shunned him as trash now, Vela was only still alive as a kind old Chernarussian man had saved him near death on the side of the road with injury's which the old man saw were partly self inflicted and looked like he had been beaten. there was also a cut which looked like it had been slashed vertically down his face over his eye. but the main thing he noticed his eyes which were purple. something he had never seen before The old man having lost his own son fighting for the Chernarussians took Vela to the hospital where the doctor told him

"the boy's name is Vela he is in the system.....But there is some bad news...."

"what is it?"

"I heard that the town he came from has been a center of fighting between the groups"

"so? his parents might still be alive....right?"

"no there is no way as his mother was a Foreigner while the father was a Chernarussian....they would be seen as traitors within the family, Im also guessing when they had finished with his parents they did that too him, also those self inflicted wounds look like he broke a window and crawled through the broken glass........I think they were going to kill him as well"

The old man was Horrified at this as he now understood the look in the buys eyes when he found him. this was a child who had been stripped of everything he had, even his neighbours had turned on him in there hate for the different culture. The old man hated this is what his son had died fighting in apart of, trying to stop the bloodshed. But it also steeled his resolve to help the boy. but first he had too know if the parents were really dead, as the father was only speculation. The next day he travel to the village to find it burnt down and houses in ruins. He has the boys address given to him by the doctor with a sad shake of his head.

" You are only going to find death there now"

The old man was determined to find the boys parents as he searched the town high and low finding body's both Russian and Chernarussian but non of the matched the description from the doctor. the man searched for hours until he came to the center of town and there was something that took all hope to find the parents, As there hanging from a street light was the boys parents both beaten and dead just hanging from the poles with signs over there necks reading 


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Wauw, its great story ;) Can not wait till the next one....( If it comes )

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Wauw, its great story ;) Can not wait till the next one....( If it comes )

oh it will I already have written a whole bunch of chapters just dont want to release it in one great big block of writing

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Wauw, its great story ;)  Can not wait till the next one....( If it comes )

oh it will I already have written a whole bunch of chapters just dont want to release it in one great big block of writing

Yes! Give it in parts, otherwise its a long story to read...And I think most of the people dont like that.

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Wauw, its great story ;)  Can not wait till the next one....( If it comes )

oh it will I already have written a whole bunch of chapters just dont want to release it in one great big block of writing

Yes! Give it in parts, otherwise its a long story to read...And I think most of the people dont like that.

defiantly, I realised how much I had written before so I did alot of alterations to it but the upside is that I now get to chill abit and release it in parts :D

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 1997: NAPA and a Russian separatist movement begin a civil war

Part 2

The man returned back to the hospital to tell the doctor the news, who greeted it with a shrug as if it was normal and only responding with 


"They are the first to go when the conflict starts, those who tried to co-exist"

"but still to hang you're own relatives is brutal"

"well it happened, now what? do we tell the boy?"

"No we have got to keep it a secret"


they were both interrupted by a small voice in the crack of a doorway


"I knew they were dead....."


both the doctor and the old man were surprised as they thought he was still sleeping, but the old man was shocked by his voice as it felt empty as if he had nothing else left but to just be. but how did he know? the old man was going to ask but the doctor bet him to it.


"How do you know they were dead?"

"yes boy tell us how do you know you're parents are dead?"


The boy's purple eyes seemed to drill into them expecting something then just shrugged, as if it was the easiest answer in the world to him and it should be obvious to them as well.


"They made me watch of course, they spat on me and told me mum and dad had done something bad so they had to be punished, that my time would come soon as well"


the old man looked at the doctor who also shared his shock. at the shear brutality of the two families who had turned on there own for betraying them as if what they did was a crime that had to be punished. the doctor now had a thoughtful look. he soon voiced his concerns.


"Didn't they say that you're time was going to come? what happened with that?"

"I escaped.....they had started to fight each other so decided to leave then, as what they had been doing had hurt me"


Both the old man and the doctor felt a chill at the way the boy had casually stated the fact, they soon ushered the boy back to his room where he fell to asleep, completely oblivious to to the shock both the doctor and the old man felt. then a thought came to the old man


"what is going to happen to that boy? he has seen to much"

"well we can keep him hear for a few weeks while he recovers.....But after that i might have to send him to an orphanage"

"Poor boy I think he will have a hard life ahead of him"


A thought came to the old man then, about his mysterious coloured eyes


"Doc what are with his eyes? Ive never seen purple eyes before

"Yeah about that, after I clean him up and the usual checks, I looked for information on purple eyes, turns out he has something called Alexandria’s genesis. I never even heard about it. in fact his eyes are only going to get more purple theres also some claimed side effects"


The old man was thrown into thought by this as he knew the boy would be shunned for being both ethnic Russian and Chernarussian. But his eyes would isolate him even more. The old man started to think of his own son lost in the CDF and what he would do, as he had always been the one to jump to help people. The old man smiled at this and shook his head. The doctor gave the old man a strange look thinking he was acting strange. then the old man voiced his thoughts to which the doctor smiled and confirmed what the old man had asked. the old man feeling like this was the right thing to do gave his confirmation.

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Very nice read, enjoyed it. Keep this up!

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Thanks guys for all reading my story! The thing I'm wondering about is how often I should release the chapters?

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thanks for all the support guys and i hope you enjoy my story

  2000: Chernarussian Civil War ends with UN assistance

part 1


(11 Yrs old)

The old man was walking through the woods and stopped to wait for his follower. the man smiled as he saw the boys face appear over the slight rise, smiling to himself he thought to himself, the boy had probably saw something that interest him so he stopped, good naturally the old man called out to the boy

"boy hurry it up, this old man is getting tired waiting for you're sorry arse"

The boy looked up at this and smiled at the old man like a boy his age would. the old man noticed that his scare was still visible but it had luckily avoided his eye by a few inches. He also noticed that the boy's eyes had become more purple as he had grown older. The old man looked down at the path and where it lead to a town and the way they had come to a little hidden hunting cabin. He had heard over the phone with the doctor who still liked to keep in touch and even came to stay with them when the fighting had gotten worse. But he had left when he had heard that the fighting had finally stopped. When the doctor had fled fearing for his family he had brought members of his family even his daughter Irina who had taken a liking to Vela, for the course of the conflict, the  collection of people had drawn Vela out of his pit, where he even had started to resemble a normal 11 year old boy. The boy gave the old man a smile and laughed

"I thought id give you a head start old man, seems like you needed it too"

"watch it boy, this old man still knows how to swing"

"Ok Ok, I get it Mr Zhirinovsky"


"Boy you don't have to call me Mr Zhirinovsky, old man is fine , its what my son use to call me"

"ok then"

The boy was turing into an exceptional young man, but that young girl Irina had taken Vela away from the old man when ever they were trying to do something, he worried about Vela as he was still unsure about strangers and he had only meet one person his own age since the old man had found him. But he seemed to like Irina, Looking closer at the Vela the man noticed how he was actually very good looking for a man. Chuckling to himself he pictured all the trouble he would get into when he was older. the old man noticed that he Vela was carrying something, and noticed it was a rabbit.

"boy where did you get that rabbit?"

"Thats why a stopped, I saw the rabbit and thought it would make some good dinner"

When he said this he lifted his hunting rifle from his shoulder, as if he was an expert in it.

"Hmp, Im surprised you hit it with you're aim boy........Are you sure  you didn't get it to impress Irina?"

Vela went crimson at this, and shuffled his feet looking everywhere but at the old man.

"NO, I mean I thought it would be good to bring some food?"

The old man started to chuckle at this as they continued down the track, where at the end of the path where it came to a road a pickup truck was waiting for it and there was the doctor waiting for them standing next to the cab waving. The old man was surprised at this as he expected Irina to be there trying to latch onto Vela as usual. when they reached the doctor and taken of there packs. the man could think of no reason why she wouldn't be here. Then his thoughts and greetings to the doctor were interrupted by a crie


"ah that makes sense"

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  2000: Chernarussian Civil War ends with UN assistance

part 2

Turning around the man could see where Irina had ambushed Vela by jumping off a tree to spear tackle him to the floor where she now was sitting on his stomach pinning him to the floor while smiling at him. this was a familiar scene to  the old man as Irina had hunted Vela around the small clearing where they had been hiding for all that time. She had taken to ambushing him as he had initially avoided her. Irina wasn't no normal girl either as she had proven when the old man had taken  Vela hunting and she tagged along. Irina had proven to be a better shot then Vela was, she had also picked up a few tricks from her father who had passed some medical knowledge onto his daughter. She had seemed to take care of Vela when ever he made a blunder and came back with an a minor injury. There was Vela struggling to get up and finally just sat still.


"No fair, I Just got here"

"And? I got you, when are you going to learn? you have to always be on you're guard"

"can I get up now?"

"Nope, not until you say you missed me and that I'm better at hunting then you"

"No way"

"then it looks like were gonna be stuck here for awhile, right dad?"


The doctor just laughed at this and smiled, 


"yeah sure, I don't have anything to do today anyway"

"why did you say that!!! not Im gonna be stuck like this for the day!!"

"just say you missed her already boy"

"come on see!! you got no choice now"

"Traitors!! if you don't stop Irina Ill do the thing!!"




Irina started to look nervous, but the old man and doctor both knew it was a show. As she used her weakness against Vela as it made him interact with her more. Feigning fear she stated to form words but then Vela was there tickling her. she was an extremely ticklish person as Vela found out during one of the many ambushes she had made on him. After a few minutes Vela let up and looked victorious. That was soon ruined when Irina jumped at him and hugged him


"I missed you Vela, non of the other boys are like you in the town"


Vela was embarrassed by this and soon returned the hug after realise she wasn't going to stop until he returned it


"I missed you too Irina"


Irina was the only friend that vela had


The old man smiled at the doctor who had allowed him to take Vela from the Hospital once he had recovered and had also spent many of those months helping Vela return to at least something that resembled normality. But they both had heard Vela crying at night, for lost parents, friends and still reliving that time when his whole world had crashed around him. The doctor's family had been a major part of Vela's recuperation at the older brother had filled a brother role while the doctor and his wife had become uncle and auntie, But the old man was his father figure now. The doctor seemed to remember something as he reached into the cab.


"Oh I was able to find some friends who were able to pull some strings, thought it would make things easier"


There the doctor handed some papers over to the old man who read over the forms as if it held something very dear to him. He then turned to Vela who had now untangled himself from Irina and they were discussing what they had done when separated. He smiled at how easy it was for Vela now. He called Vela


"Hey Vela come here I want to show you something"

"what is it?"

"just come look, its important"


As Vela came over to the old man, who handed him the papers and smiled. Vela read the papers. then stood in shock as he didn't know how to respond. Was he supposed to be sad? or was he supposed to be filled with joy. As the papers were the acceptance of an adoption form. He looked up at the old man who smiled and nodded. then the doctor who was also smiling, the Irina was there also smiling at him. He then decided it was joy he was feeling. the doctor broke the silence then by clearing his throat.


"come on its gonna get dark soon, lets head to my house, Im sure everyone wants to see you Vela"


Vela could only nod as he was still shocked by the papers. he climbed into the pickup trucks tray with the old man. Irina tried to climb in too but then the doctor told her to wait and sit in the cab with him. When they pulled onto the road Vela looked at the old man. Who was looking at the tree line behind them. He wanted to know so badly


"is it ok?"


The old man signed at this and turned to look at Vela with a serious expression


"Vela it is something important, we have both lost people who we cared about and all we have left is each other. So yes it is ok"


Vella was silent at this as he had new the man was right. The old man noticed that the boy had a serious expression and was probably thinking about his old family. The old man knew this as he had seen it before.


"hey Vela why don't you try out you're new name, give it a shot I think it fits perfectly"


Vela smiled at this and nodded as if reaching a conclusion


"I think I will" 

"go on boy say it"

"my name is Vela Zhirinovsky"


Vela had an expression of such joy that he could not fathom himself, as if he finally found something that was missing. That he had found a place for himself. The old man was smiling and laughed


"I think it suits you fine"

"I think so too, Um.......can I ask for one thing?"


"A hug?"


The old man signed at this and then gave the boy a quick one armed hug and then returned to watching the forest where a broken child had gained strength again, a will to live, friends and now a family which only consisted of two. An old man and a young boy

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