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Guest Tobi97


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hello Tobi97. Welcome to the community!

Your going to love it here. its a great place.

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Hello to you too. :P Good luck with the processing. In the mean time, feel free to learn more about the community.

A few good places you can take a quick look at as you're starting off here:

Frequently Asked Questions:


Your Standalone Rules. Standalone meaning your character and in-game interactions with other RPers.

Community & Game Rules

And finally something I consider just as important as the rules, the lore. This is what we usually go on around here and it's a good read! 

DayZRP Lore

Do you want to go into the game looking for friends or some people to fall into line with? It's definitely nice to have friends in-game to lean on when a zombie just so happens to tear you a new one. Or maybe you just want to help? You can take a look at our groups thread and decide where you would like to fit in!

Official Groups

I hope you enjoy the community and the role play you encounter in-game. Feel free to overload my inbox with questions or any other questions can be pointed to our fantabulous Community Helpers and anyone else with titles of knowledge. (Staff)

For when you're whitelisted:

Important Guides

OOC Guide

Avoiding Metagaming

Bandit Guide

Whitelist Guide

Torture Guide

Mute Guide

Soldier Guide

Complication Trigger Guide

There is much to learn. Don't be intimidated, just read away.

Note: Posting on the introduction thread does not increase the forum post count so be sure to post elsewhere later to activate the account. Be active and have lots of fun.


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Welcome to your own personal apocalypse!


[align=justify]What adventure do you want to live while you’re here? Have you got a taste for blood?  Or are you just trying to survive? Want to hold onto the light of knowledge?  Or perhaps you’d like to some might on for size? Check out the groups, you’re sure to find a family here. 


[align=justify]If you’re still getting to know the laws of the land, keep up with the Reports, FAQs, and Rules  pages – see how we deal with criminals around here, and make sure you’re not one of them.


[align=justify]Maybe you want to get know some of the deeper, darker secrets of the long-time survivors of Chernarus – steal a peek at their journals in Lore & Stories


[align=justify]And make sure to get our greatest tips for winding your way through any story in Guides & Tutorials


No matter what you do: Stay safe out there!

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Hello, welcome to the community and good luck.

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Welcome to the madhouse!

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Everyone here got you covered , so ill just stop by and say

Hello and Welcome to the Community!

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Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to the Community, never know we might share a fire and a semi-cold can of K-zas at some point!

good luck

Watch out for those bandits !!

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