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Nahuels Journal

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So this is like a backstory for my character Nahuel Quidel a shy and passive person that struggles to survive by himself as you probably guessed all this is OOC info because Nahuel is still running around with his Journal. I don't know how many chapters i will make but when I feel that I have written enough about his past before and during the outbreak then I will start writing about every major RP sessions that I will have. and one last thing in know that there are going to be some errors in the grammar, but just see that a part of the story since english isn't Nahuels first language and please point out if there is something wrong with the lore I don't think there any major problems. 

Entry 1 October 22 2014

Ehm so I’m going to write a journal or some sort of diary my friend said that it might be good to write out my feelings to escape my nightmares. I have never written a diary so I really don’t know how to write but, I will probably write like this journal is person seems easier that way. So yeah now what?

Maybe I should write about me, well my name is Nahuel Quidel but everyone calls me Quidel I´m 24 years old and I’m from Chile, but right now I’m sitting in a fucking camp in Chernarus and I’m also son of a proud Mapuche Indian that’s why my name is so weird hehe. Yeah I’m writing this English because I want to improve it and if someone finds this journal on me it might be an interesting read. Ehm I really don’t know what to write now, maybe about the current situation? Well as I said I’m sitting in a evacuation camp in Chernarus because the UN and the local army are fighting people that have gone crazy and is attacking each other from what I have heard, maybe a disease because the red cross are here and treating people it looks kind of serious right now. However I’m safe around the local army and other refugees.

So yeah what is a Chilean doing in Chernarus, well I work as a teacher for mentally challenged kids and I have been traveling in Eastern Europe with other teachers to like learn how they teach their kids, doesn’t sound so exciting right?

Ehm I was talking about nightmares before you see I have been really stressed lately I have my whole family that is disappointed at me because I left them and their tradition up at the mountains to go to university in Santiago so my family hates me, and well I hate them and their stupid culture but it was heartbreaking leaving my brother I have always cared for him. My little brother had downs syndrome and a weak heart and that is also one of the reasons why I left, we couldn’t afford his heart medicine so I left to Santiago to earn money and well it didn’t end up good. I couldn’t get a job and in my desperation I took a loan from some people to be able to buy the medicine and send it up to my brother, but the problem was that I couldn’t pay back.

So these people that I loaned money from was from a gang so instead of paying in money I had to pay in actions, so I started working for them, and my work was buying and selling drugs, deliver drugs to the leaders and also take drugs with the other gang members.  I did this all while studying in university it was kind of stressful.

But that isn’t where the bad dreams come from you see I’m a murderer I will never forget their faces

Fuck the soldiers are telling me that I need to go.



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Looking forward to seeing more of this Nahuel guy!

Also to meeting you. Us proud american indians must come together.

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Good job! c: I'll definitely keep looking for new entries! Keep up the good work!

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