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Making a new character, these some ideas/stories

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Hey there community I am going to be making a one or two new characters and first id like to run the ideas through the community and see what everyone thinks about it

sorry about my grammar.

Character number 1 

Code (short for Bar code)


note I was just curious about this sort of character as the idea just started to form one day and i cant stop thinking about it.

Who am I? where am I? what is this under my hand? Grass? how do I know what it is? why is it so bright?

As the person started to become aware, he felt cold, wet and tired for some reason. but something started to puzzle? yes puzzle, as it knew what these things were but he didn't know how he knew, he just did, what am i? was the next question, looking down it noticed a set of both arms and legs. which had pinkish skin, then as if the voice was a snake rearing it's head

"you are a Human, a human Male approximately around 21 years old."

This thought was alien not his own, but it seemed like it fitted, then the man started to think, why am I cold? why am I in a field of grass? did something happen was i injured? the man became frantic at this he did not know why, but he suddenly started to check himself for any injuries noting that he was wearing some pants, shirt and shoes and something attracted his eye on the inside of his left wrist. Inspecting the markings closer the man noticed some lines going vertical along his wrist when he held his arm up to his face. he then noticed that under the markings there was smaller markings, what were they? while thinking the man attempted to rub the markings off only to discover it was tattooed onto his wrist. but why? why was-

NUMBERS!! that was what they were. the smaller markings were numbers. what does this mean? is it something really important? for all the man tired he could not think of why there were numbers and lines on his wrist. but the man started to feel the cold suddenly. Looking up the man saw that the sun was starting to set and that he was in a field somewhere with trees surrounding it, he did not recognize this place. Then he was suddenly overwhelmed with by the voice. 

"Survival is all that matters all this thinking is pointless"

The man did not know why but he looked himself over checking to see injury's. Once non were found the thought of survival would not leave, But what does a human need to survive? then the voice answered again

"Food, water and you going to need a weapon"

Food? water? yes the man could now understand those basic concepts. But a weapon why? weapons cause pain, weapons can kill why does the man need a weapon? The man could not solve the problem, yet he knew he needed one. the man look around for some landmark to start travel to find the items to "survive". the man was troubled as it knew it was not called man, yet-

"It does not matter you are man, you need to survive that is all that matters"

But why? the man started to wonder why there was a voice. the man wanted to argue yet he could not form the words to do so. as he struggled to find these words the thoughts came back again. 

"you do not need words, you only need to survive, everything else is irrelevant."

The argument was valid yet the man did not want to just be a man, he wanted to be something else, the man struggled with the conflict thoughts in-side himself then, as if to break up the argument the words came

"NO, I am man, but I need name"

The man was happy as he was able to do something to say something, as he was happy the thoughts were broken up by a scream to see a figure sprinting at him from the trees, the man was suddenly filled with fear as he knew that his figure was a man but wasn't at the same, the man knew he was sick but he didn't know why or what had made the man sick. the man wanted to call out to the figure but then the voice came back even stronger

"RUN YOU FOOL, that man is infected he will kill you."

The man ran but before he left the spot he noticed a picture at his feet but only a glance was a figure with two little girls and a man. The man didn't know why be he knew that the voice gave sound advice so he did not stay to inspect the picture but only glanced at it. The man ran into the trees, trying to put some distance between him and the thing behind him. but as he ran he could still hear the infected man chasing him. As he ran all he could think of was escaping this sick person, with the infected behind him and closing the gap all the man could think of was what happens if he catch's me, the thought answered for him

"you will die......"

The man did not quiet realize until the thought of death final became familiar he realized why he needed a weapon now, why the thought had been driving him to get a weapon. As the man ran around a dense set of trees and bushes the infected lost sight of the men. There the man noticed a river passing through the trees a little away from the direction he had been running, then a new voice came.

"get in the water and hide underneath until the infected man has left"

This voice was different, he didn't know why but he felt it was different less aggressive and violent then the other voice. The man jumped into the water first noticing how cold it was and then he waited until he could hear the infected approaching then ducked under the water. the man opened his eyes to a new experience of seeing under water but the thoughts of danger reflected these thoughts away. The man became nervous as he watched the edge of the water and a figure appeared watching the river go pass. the figure just sat there waiting. The time was passing and the figure still stood there watching the water. A minute passed then two and the man was starting to feel his some pressure on his chest. finally the figure turned away and disappeared from view losing interesting in the river and hopefully in something else far away. the man waited still until he couldn't stand he pressure bursting from the water to take in as much air as possible. The man now understood that he was lucky to still be alive as that thing wanted to kill him. then finding words again. he final started to question the voices he had heard.

"who are you?"

"we are you"

"we are you"

"who am I?"

"Irrelevant, we don't need to know that, only survival is important"

"But why? why cant I have a name?"

"he is right about survival being important, but yes you do need a name as you might meet others who are not sick"

"they don't matter, only our survival is important!"

"it will matter, as he will need help to survive, no one is able to survive alone forever"

"who are these others? are they like me?"

"no they are WORMS!"

"yes they are like you but they will be different as well"

The man became hopeful as he could feel that the voices were about to agree on something and he didn't know why but he felt like it would be important.

"so I will get a name? will I get to meet these people as well?"

"yes you will get a name, and hopefully you can meet some of these people as well"

"you will meet them but they will hate you and you will hate them, but some worms may become important assets, maybe"

"so what is my name?"

"How about will?"


"why not?"


"so what would you suggest?"

"we will be REAPER!!"



"it is the perfect name for who we will become"

"No absolutely not"

The voices started to bicker then and it became apparent to the man that they were absolute opposites, then the man realized it was pointless to just stand there while they argued. So he decided to start walking, while walking the man started to study the lines and numbers on his wrist while the voices still bickered, then driving by curiosity he broke there argument. 

"NO NO NO NO! I will not be called defiler!" 

"Well its better then being called GABRIAL!"

"um hello?"


"yes whats wrong?"

"well whats this thing on my wrist?"


"you don't know?

"what? I don't know what this thing is honestly"

"that is a bar code"

"Yes this means we are nothing but an object"

"we are not"

"well. is my name Bar code?"



"is it?"

 "that could lead us to something...."

"what? youre kidding calling ourselves bar code?"

"not bar code but just code? it works fine"

"code is not too bad if he must have a name...Fine I don't care"

"there you go, Code is our name for now"


The word sounded like it fitted, yes code would do for now. 

"well? can we please keep going? I would like to get some supplies and a weapon"

"yes I agree with you on this but probably for different reasons for the weapon"

Too be continued 

Character number 2

Vela Zhirinovsky

Coming soon

oh yeah guys be honest with what ever you think it all helps me to improve cheers

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Not one for reading character stories, but i really liked this one. Keep us updated man, I'd love to see more.

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Not one for reading character stories, but i really liked this one. Keep us updated man, I'd love to see more.

Thanks man Im happy to see at least one person enjoys it

Im working on a different one right now which I am actually enjoy writing my only problem is that the characters back ground story is really starting to get long. But I'm really enjoying writing it so I think i might only release it in parts

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moved to own thread as I enjoyed writing it and its a long story probably going to continue it

Search for

(purple eyes)

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Good move. This is good enough to go in the Lore and Stories section, you might even get more feedback on it there :)

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Like Nocheluz has said, it was definitely a good idea to move your stories here! 

Definitely keep updating these! 

I'll definitely be looking around for them c:

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Upon further investigation, I notice that you have a nearly identical thread already started in lore and stories right here.

There does not need to be more than one thread open with this particular story. All story-based posts and feedback are welcome in the Lore and Stories section. General Discussion is best left for threads and posts directly related to DayZRP, DayZ Standalone, etc... not for character backgrounds or lore posts such as this one.

Please continue your story on the thread posted here as I will be /closing this one.

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