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Swiss Chezze

Where do you go to see excatly why you were banned

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I have ben wondering wher exactly I woud go to see why I was banned, beacuse I checked the posts with the post for a report, and it does not say the reason behind my ban.

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Quote by Conor (Gamemaster)


Clinton Smith: BadRP - Guilty


Throughout the encounter you go out of character via VOIP multiple times. Going OOC in VOIP is completely prohibited. The rules specifically state "What NOT to do: Go OOC in voice." I hope that this is the last time otherwise punishments could be more severe in the future.

At the start of the encounter you also run in on Shoo Ping Yao whilst he is using the toilet. You say to him "Squeeze it out". I do not know if you were trying to be funny but this is very bad roleplay. I myself have encountered you in-game and have whitnessed you going OOC in voice.

Regarding the metagaming accusations: There is no enough evidence for the GM team to pass a verdict regarding metagaming. This will be left as word vs. word.

With the above stated, the following applies


Clinton Smith:  Guilty - 5 Day Ban + 1 Banstrike

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/moved to questions

At the end of a report there is a verdict, it shows you what went wrong and the ban.

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Hi Swiss Chezze,

Your warning points will be shown on your profile if you click on them you will find the warning history and the reasons behind any warnings.

As stated above, you verdict from above will be part of that warning history.

I hope this answers your question.


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Going to mark this as /solved 

Let me know if you have any further questions regarding this.

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